Columbia Hits Austin, Realtor Style. #KW

AustinMost friends and clients know I don’t usually travel too far outside of Downtown Columbia. This week, however, I’m deep in the heart of Texas. #Wuh?

What’s in Texas??? Why Texas? Well, Keller Williams Worldwide Headquarters is in Austin and we are here to learn. We’re here for four days and three nights to learn from the largest, most forward thinking real estate company on the globe.

Once again, we’re wildly impressed and excited about what’s coming down the pipe for the franchise and our team in Columbia. Mix KW’s world class training with a fun town and it’s obviously a good week. That said, I sure miss Columbia, especially Jen and my girls.

We’ll be back early Thursday afternoon to finish out a strong Q4. This week, however, we’ll be soaking up all we can so we can expose next level opportunities for our families, clients, market, and fellow Realtors who are interested in what we are doing.

Thank you!


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