Codes Are ‘What’s Next’ For Industry

Staying Ahead Of The Game Makes This Job Fun
If you’ve never seen anything like the pics above, you’re not alone. That said, it’s only a matter of time before you start noticing these “codes” everywhere you go.

QR Codes (Quick Response) have been around a while but are just becoming popular in the United States. These 2D codes are pretty much the new bar code…for the public. The idea is to snap a picture of the QR Code with your smart phone. As your phone reads the code, it will take you directly to a website, blog, Facebook page, listing page, etc. Snapping an easy pic is far easier than typing in a now pesky URL.

I’ve been waiting a few weeks to apply this to our real estate practice, but recent Tweets have forced me to pull the trigger on the project. It won’t be long before every listing in our inventory will be assigned a a code. In short, it’s kind of awesome.

I’m almost glad this has been forced down our pipe. I take great pride in the fact that we stay a half step ahead of the industry. We had one of the first real estate blogs in Columbia, first on Facebook, first to Tweet and now ahead of the game with the QR Code game. Being ahead of the game is one of the reasons this job is so fun for Amy, Amanda and me.

If you want to give a QR Code a spin just download a QR Reader app on your smart phone, snap a pic of a code above….and there you go! It’s tech, dead simple, efficient, effective and productive. It’s us.

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