Coaches vs Cancer; Round 2.

CoachesCancerAllCoachesCancerBoysThe other night we found ourselves at one of Columbia’s newer fundraising events. University of South Carolina men’s head basketball coach, Frank Martin, along with his wife, Anya, hosted between 300-400 folks in the middle of Colonial Life Arena for the second annual “B-Ball of the South.”

I have to admit, it’s pretty cool. A HUGE tent is set up on the basketball court with about half of the ceiling panels missing. Surrounded by lights, I’m sure you can imagine the creative and expansive feeling of the event.

The title sponsor was Jaguar of Columbia while the party food was prepared by Southern Way Catering. It was first class, and as you can tell from the pics above we had a big time in our Kentucky Derby stuff (whatever that is).

Well done to the Martin family for introducing this solid event to the Midlands. The Coaches vs Cancer brand is powerful and I hope they can keep the momentum going for years to come.

Last I heard the prelim revenue numbers from this years event are $129,470. Like any good event there was a lot of effort put forth by Anya and the committee. That said, raising over $100,000 in a night makes it well worth it.

Special thanks to MG&C Law Group and Kelley Ross @ SCBT for inviting Amanda, Paul, Jennifer and me. Shout outs to my friend’s David Ross, Michael Gunn, and Travis Hollis for their service to make this event a big deal.

Thank you!


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