Closing Good For Downtown Complex

Team Effort Gets Tough One Closed @ Parkside
Given today’s financial climate, we never know what hurdles a real estate transaction will produce. That said, Friday’s closing of a second floor unit in ‘Parkside’ was a doozy.

Combining the facts that Parkside was originally an apartment complex with notion that a unit hasn’t closed in a little while, the complex has never been approved by the US government to qualify for an FHA backed loan. Well, now it has.

After going through what seemed to be a financial game of ‘Shoots & Ladders,’ the buyers and sellers finally met at 6pm on Friday night to close the unit.

In short, the buyers and sellers of this transaction did a ton of heavy lifting that should pave the way for other units for sale at Parkside.

I’m ecstatic for the players in this transaction, but wow what a tense couple of weeks. All other sales at Parkside should be a breeze. Thanks to the buyers/sellers, John Como at Bank of America and the buyer’s agent, Gloria Burnside, on a complete team effort to make it happen.

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