Clemson; C’mon Now…..

3 Hours Clemson Would Like to Erase

Playing Thursday night, USC enjoyed the first primetime spot of the new football season. This was great and all, but the real primo spot was given to Clemson.

This couldn’t have turned out any worse for the Tigers.

Tiger fans couldn’t end the terror fast enough. T.V. sets around the country blared these quotes, all night long;
“Alabama is starting 10 freshmen…”
“Clemson has the best backfield tandem in the country…”
“Clemson is the best in the ACC…”
“‘Bama is 2nd tier in the SEC…Maybe 3rd.”
“Clemson doesn’t look like they’re even trying…”
“Clemson walked out of the tunnel like they deserved to win this…”
“Clemson is getting pushed around…, etc”.
Herbstreet went on and on, about these issues. Not that they didn’t deserve it, but I’m just sayin’.
Saturday, Tommy Bowden made Nick Saban look worth $4 million, and the Tigers made the ACC look down right inferior.

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