‘Class Tank’ is Low for UT’s Coach

UT Coach Tells USC Recruit ‘He’ll Be Pumping Gas’

I really don’t have to write much about this situation as the story speaks for itself. Basically, Coach Kiffin told USC recruit Ashlon Jeffery that “he would end up pumping gas for the rest of his life,” if he chose the Gamecocks.

Not that his “pumping gas” comments aren’t enough, Coach Lane Kiffin has already been reprimanded by the SEC for accusing Urban Meyer (University of Florida) of cheating.

Since the “pumping gas” remark was made to USC recruit Ashlon Jeffery, Kiffin has since denied saying it. Oooooooo…this could be really bad. I don’t know who said what but if his statement is a lie, this is going to get terrible for this Kiffin fella as we all know the cover up is often worse than the crime. Conversely, if Ashlon made the story up it’s going to be pretty bad too.

Either way Kiffin needs to get professional. Everyone in sales knows about trying to get results, but there’s still a high road and a low one that must be taken. Right now, it looks like Coach Kiffin sprints on the low one.

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