Choose A Flag, Columbia, SC!

OK apparently we need to freshen up our look and therefore get to choose a new flag to represent the City of Columbia. Check out the rules, resources and other city flag designs below. The first graphic above is the collection of designs that you need to rank in the survey and also make comments on.
At this time, I won’t opine. ¬†ūüôā
¬†Disclaimer: I don’t know the original source of the verbiage below. I got it all from Survey Gizmo, which is the place you go to vote for your favorite design.
 Thank you!
 Franklin Jones

Share Your Thoughts!

 The Columbia Design League and One Columbia for Arts and History are proud to announce that 19 finalist designs were chosen by the members of the North American Vexillological Association (NAVA). 
Now, we need your help to make sure that the next flag of the City of Columbia truly represents all residents of the city. Please review each design and provide a numerical rating (the higher the number, the more you like the design and believe it would be a great flag for the City of Columbia). Don’t forget the five principles of flag design! And, take a look at some examples of good city flag design including Portland, Phoenix, Chicago, South Bend. Then, share any comments or thoughts about that design.Ratings and comments will be collected until July 10, 2017
The ratings and comments gathered during the public input period will inform the selection jury, the body that will make the final design recommendation to Columbia City Council. Take a look at all 19 finalist designs then go through the designs one by one to provide your thoughts about each design. 

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