Chester Sale Is Finally Going To Happen

Listing Featured On “The Today Show” Fetches Buyer
We’re ecstatic to announce that 915 Chester St. in Historical Elmwood Park is scheduled to close tomorrow at Rogers, Townsend & Thomas Law Firm. Exhale…
It’s no secret Amanda and I are enjoying a big volume year. Yay! However, the closing of the Chester St. listing is an example of a nice bite of ‘humble pie.’
In my own mind, I can only think the awesome sellers stuck it out because they figured that, “What can anyone do that they aren’t doing.” Hopeful thinking maybe, but I’m going with it.
This transaction has been a long journey in the making. I don’t know the hard facts but I’d bet this listing fetched 50+ showings, 4 open house luncheons, and dozens of phone/email inquiries. Regular readers of this blog may remember this house was featured on The Today Show because of Amy’s awesome pictures.
I’m approached all over town about this particular listing as the sellers and I share lots of mutual friends. All this said, this sale has been a complete team effort, sellers included.

Hopefully I’m not jinxing the scheduled 2:30pm closing tomorrow, but I’m so relieved of it that I felt compelled to type a few paragraphs.

I’m proud that 915 Chester is closing but also able to chomp on the Humble Pie before the ink dries.

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