Cherry Cola

State of the City; 5 challenges facing Columbia

Today, The State Newspaper wrote a story about 5 challenges that face our city. As their points may be valid, I would like to mention one more; Our *&^%^& RED LIGHT SYSTEM!!!.
Our red light system is so bad, that I’m surprised no one has accused the City of being in ka-hoots with local auto repair shops/gas stations. The amount of time that we stop and start everyday, must contribute to the overall cost of our vehicle repairs and gas costs. Maybe the billboard folks are the reason we have to stop AT EVERY BLOCK. Either way, it is awful.

About two years ago, I told some of my buddies that I was going to start entering downtown listings in the MLS as being in the “Cherry Cola” area. Of course, they wondered what I was talking about. I simply told them that with all of the glowing, unsyncronized blinking, hanging cherrys that populate our city, it would be a great fit.
A few solutions coming soon…


  1. I agree with your assessment of our city’s traffic lights. It is horrible. Great job and a great investigative piece!

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