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A few days ago we had the pleasure of closing the property @ 1 Myrtle Court in the Wales Garden Neighborhood of Downtown Columbia – 29205. If you’ve never heard of Myrtle Court, it kinda veers in near the “horse fountain” at Wateree Avenue.

Some folks love charm. LOVE IT! Sometimes charming means old, vintage, or antique, and sometimes it means one, two, and possibly all three.

Check out the pics above that were taken in the charming 1 Myrtle Court.

I swanee the first time I saw that toileting system the tissue holder was in the white, unpainted rectangle just below the tank on the right-hand side. It has since been removed and a roll of toilet tissue now sits on the top shelf to the left. If you look closely on the other side, you’ll see the pull-chain flushing mechanism that hangs down to around the valve. Now I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that folks that lived in charming homes either had long a** arms or did things differently than I know how to do.

Please see the robot looking machine in the second pic. I have my camera over my head as the full magnitude of this droid is every bit as large as I am. I didn’t know whether to pet it, kneel in respect, or run back up the basement steps. Needless to say, it spoke to me without speaking (thank goodness).

Now check out the close-up business card screwed/riveted to the upper middle section of the droid. I think someone should call Paul T. Cotton at ALpine-4-3637.

All fun aside, the house is cool and going to be awesome when the vision is completed, and the neighborhood speaks for itself, and of course, as you’ve heard me say and type many times, “It’s the Neighborhood!!!!”

I must say the sale may not have closed without the property legal description and surveying expertise of my buyer client.

Congratulations to the buyers and sellers of 1 Myrtle Court in Historic Wales Garden Neighborhood!

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

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