Changing Lives Through Real Estate.

Every 3rd Tuesday of the month our office has its monthly Agent Leadership Council meeting. After our meeting today one of our awesome REALTORS, Gena Banks, took me to the side and began to tell a story.

She proceeded to tell me that while her family was together they started talking and sharing stories.

She went on, saying, “I just wanted you to know that in one of our office ZOOMs, you said that you learned from another agent at a Keller Williams Mastermind to, ‘Be Where Your Feet Are,’ and how much sense that made to me. I shared that with my family in that moment and look at this picture and check out what he made from that.”

She held her phone up to my face with the photo above.

My head leaned forward and my eyebrows raised. I stood tall and gave her a few giant side squeezes and told her how awesome this was multiple times. Honestly, what I really wanted to do was fall on the damn floor.

For context, this is a successful REALTOR that moved her license to KW Palmetto, married to a successful husband, that just purchased an awesome lakehouse with a big water view that is showing me that I made some sliver of an impact on her day.

While most of you know I’m not a big reader, I know there’s a book called, “Be Where Your Feet Are.” That said, this credit goes to my friend and mentor, Jen Davis, from Springfield, Missouri. She’s the one that introduced me to the concept and, looking back, resonated perfectly with so many people and our personal/professional journey as we tried, many times not hard enough, to have a work/life balance.

Think of it. If our feet are with our families on a gorgeous sunny beach or at Disney World and our minds and hearts are in our iPhones, we kinda suck where our feet are. We’re failing badly with the people our bodies are beside. We’re fakes. We are missing it, and they are missing us. We are posers.

I understand that bills need to be paid and goals want to be met and I know the mantra, “Listen, babe, these sales are why we can be on this vacation in the first place!” I’ve been there and told my wife these things many times while in the same breath I’m on the phone with termite and HVAC inspectors in the hotel room, while my kids were running on the beach waiting on daddy to take them in the ocean. That said, if you’re doing this, you’re failing your family, the friends and families you are with, and you are failing you.

Thank you, Gena Banks, for sharing this story with me today! Thank you, too, Jen Davis, for having such a servant’s heart and sharing with our group so I could share to mine!

Franklin Jones

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