CB’s #Gen-Blue Visits Columbia, SC.

Throughout the year Coldwell Banker Real Estate Brand holds large regional and statewide training seminars. Dubbed “Gen Blue,” the events are usually all day events and feature top national speakers and trainers. This go’round Columbia was chosen as the host city for South Carolina. The top executives from Coldwell Banker Real Estate were at Columbia’s Convention Center this week, including President and CEO, Budge Huskey. He’s the guy you see on the national news when real estate is the topic.

Just as Amanda, Elizabeth, Amy and I sat down Senior VP of Something Big, Frank Lindsey, yelled in the microphone, “WELCOME TO GEN-BLUE, SOUTH CAROLINA!!!….IS FRANKLIN JONES HEERE??!!” I thought, “Holy friggin’ crap…Is this dude about to make a fool out of me??” and started putting my coat back on.  Of course, when Amanda heard the first line she immediately started whispering, “Oh please don’t call me, please don’t call me, please don’t call…” Of course, “IS AMANDA PAYNE HEEEERE??!!!” If you somehow saw the pic above on Twitter, now you know why. He was trying to fire the crowd up by making a play off of Ellen’s tweet at the Oscars. We made it through the stunt unscathed. I’ll post why I made sure to hold up five fingers next week (It has nothing to do with football). 

The other pic is my view as I’m about to take the stage at one of the breakout sessions. I’m always flattered when asked to do this, and humbled when the room fills up with folks wanting to know how we perform our trade.

While being on the panel is fun, the coolest part of the whole thing is that Amanda, Elizabeth, and Amy showed up to support me. It was awesome to see them in the crowd. After all, they weren’t going to learn one thing from me as we all sit 10 feet from one another and learn from each other every day.

Reality: Now that I’ve exposed how I feel about the team being in the room, here’s a more probable truth about what really went on; Amanda – “Lets go make fun of Franklin.”  Haha! I’m not stupe.

Either way, I loved them being there.


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