My “New” 45-Year-Old Bicep.

Twelve or so years ago I took up tennis. I got “bit by the bug,” badly. I played every day. If I couldn’t find anyone to hit with, I’d hit the concrete and plywood backboards at Heathwood Park, May’s Park, or Trenholm Park for an hour with my iPod earbuds in my ears. Enter my daughter, Finley Jones, and everything tennis stopped. 

Fast forward eight years. I picked up the game again at 45 years old and was ‘bit’ again. It was awesome and I lost around 15 lbs. I was playing five and six days a week and – Pop. 

During the first game on a cold Saturday afternoon, I felt and heard a pop in my right arm. It was awful. I told my opponent, “I don’t think I can do this….”

Here’s what’s what; I popped my tendon from the top of my bicep. After a month of worrying about it and looking at my new “Popeye arm” (my right bicep is now considerably bigger than my left), I went to the orthopedic specialist and he said if it were him he wouldn’t repair it. I asked him, “So this is my new arm, in a suit all the way to the casket?” He answered, “That’s your new arm.” 

To make me feel better he told me it’s more common than we would think. To make me feel even better he told me Brett Favre and John Elway had the same thing happen during their careers and didn’t repair their arms. Sure enough, thisthis, and this

I asked, why did the bruise (that appeared five days after the incident) appear on the outside of my arm (see pic above) instead of the interior like all of the pics on Google were showing me. His simple answer, “That’s just where the blood settled.” Sure enough, I probably slept on my right side the night before I discovered my new bruise.

Why am I showing a bruise and typing about this? To help those that may experience the same thing and perhaps preventing it from happening at all to anyone who may stumble across this blog.

What’s the lesson? If you’re 40ish or older, stretch, warm up better/longer and learn to use the bigger entities, such as your core and shoulder rather than your elbow and wrist, even if it means breaking habits that have worked well in the past. 

I hope to be back out there soon! Ice and ibuprofen are my friends right now.

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

Did Your Neighbor’s House Sell?

Below is a list of the latest property transfers as reported by The State Newspaper.

As you can see, the list is by county, zip code, then the street address of properties that have transferred.

Let us know if you would like to be on this list as a buyer or seller! My number is 803-447-8683 and email is

Thank you!

Top Five Richland County

4437 Willingham Drive 29206 from Bowen Hipp Investments LLC to Supriti Paul $390,000

80 Cannonade Court 29063 from Gregory W. Jackson and Karen B. Jackson to Timothy Hubbard and Elizabeth C. Hubbard $385,000

8 Sienna Court 29036 from Roy B. Condrey and Danielle B. Condrey to Aaron Miller $385,000

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2168 Harvestwood Lane 29036 from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Craig M. Larsen and Tracy Larsen $383,423

1200 Weston Road 29061 from Weston Crossing Farms LLC to Gregory A. Brown and Kerry W. Brown $383,000

Top Five Lexington County

2052 Amicks Ferry Road 29036 from Robert M. Bennett to Price Family Trust $1,400,000

101 Breezy Pointe Lane 29070 from Susan S. Springer a/k/a Susan L. Springer and Foize N. Simon, Jr. to Janet Flynn and Romie Rikard $1,225,000

125 Kittal Road 29073 from Twelve Oaks Farm Inc. to Palm City II LLC $1,000,000

2116 Shull Avenue 29054 from David W. Hilburn to Mary Beth Lewis $880,000

149 Steeplechase Road 29072 from Michael Umhoefer and Kelly Omhoeffer to Stephen F. Wegrzyn and Pamela C. Wegrzyn $630,000

Top Three Kershaw County

602 Greene St. 29020 from Janet Choynowski Veals a/k/a Janet Choynowski Farber to Robert D. Carpenter Living Trust $795,000

1649 Springvale Road 29078 from James L. Ellis a/k/a James Lee Ellis to Jonathan J. Mart and Junie Dennis Mart $364,000

2 Casey Drive 29045 from Jonathan Mart and Junie Dennis Mart to Kaweda L. Crenshaw and Brian T. Crenshaw $285,000

Richland County


237 Muirfield Court from Aaron Bartfield to SFR3 LLC $140,000

1040 Wampee Drive from Susan Beth Tea to Ricardo E. Thomas $334,500

21 Miles Oak Court from Michael A. Lewis and Nancy L. Lewis to Patricia M. Evans and Anthony William Evans, Sr. $145,500

63 Silver Maple Court from Joseph T. Melarkey and Jane Melarkey to Elizabeth B. Shaw and James B. Shaw III $337,500

122 Bent Oak Trail from Donald Nelson Parrish to Helen Komarnicki $195,000


2168 Harvestwood Lane from Mungo Homes Inc. to Craig M. Larsen and Tracy Larsen $383,423

8 Sienna Court from Roy B. Condrey and Danielle B. Condrey to Aaron Miller $385,000

421 Crawley Lane from Michael E. Burriss and Kaitlyn A. Fugel n/k/a Kaitlyn Burriss to Jerry R. Batchelor II $237,000

141 Forty Love Point from Bobby L. Johnson and Mary K. Johnson to J & L Reis LLC $257,868


26 Corinth Court from Mungo Homes Inc. to Nicholas Damien Brown and Christy Lynn Brown $264,416

109 Sunderland Drive from William E. Antley and Carol A. Antley to James W. Hill and Mary L. Hill Trust $184,000

105 Turkey Crossing from Fiza Manghi Jatoi to Robert M. Mims Jr. $275,000


1200 Weston Road from Weston Crossing Farms LLC to Gregory A. Brown and Kerry W. Brown $383,000


80 Cannonade Court from Gregory W. Jackson and Karen B. Jackson to Timothy Hubbard and Elizabeth C. Hubbard $385,000

402 Water Garden Court from Sara Jackson Laswell and Jesse E. Laswell to Wendell Causey and Rikki Causey $240,000


208 Canal Place Drive from Todd Miller to Collin Neil Haines and Chelsea Devan Haines $179,000

3155 Makeway Drive from Richard B. Glickstein to Timothy Mercer and Emma Levine $154,500


1107 Elm Avenue from ASE Holdings of SC, LLC to Blake Hawsey $182,500

1708 Beltline Boulevard from SBDRI Property Holding 1 LLC to Draytech Solutions LLC $267,000

814 S. Woodrow St. from Brandi Jennifer Pope to Christopher Davis Ray $155,000


4437 Willingham Drive from Bowen Hipp Investments LLC to Supriti Paul $390,000

6705 Wedgefield Road from Stuart R. Bentley to Robert P. Bray $169,000

6624 Dare Circle from Evelyn C. Orr a/k/a Evelyn Cassidy to SFR3 LLC $136,000


31 Wild Iris Court from Ivanny R. Flores-Castro to Capri S. Williams $115,500


180 Springhaven Drive from Alexander Scott Temple Fraley and Sara Cathryn Fraley f/k/a Sara Cathryn Boerin to Edpen LLC $123,900

2708 Brinkley Lane from Lawrence Garris and Thomas Kerr McBride to Latoya Barthe $112,400

442 Regency Park Drive from Wesley John Pritchard to Amber N. Hynes $105,500


133 Cedar Field Lane from Linda F. Fillmore to Donald L. Roush $160,000


104 Wildewood Club Court from Hector Oreste Crespo Soto to Javier Marcelo Jimena and Veronica Scaramella $332,000

18 Ward Court from Sara R. Sutton to Alan E. Butler and Katherine L. Butler $175,000

124 Forrister St. from JDJ Properties LLC to Thomas C. Woods and Brittany A. Woods $130,000

76 Green Springs Drive from Best Choice Properties LLC to Tamaron M. Calloway $157,000

221 Brookspring Road from Patricia C. Korn to Isaac Badillo and Adeline J. Badillo $215,000

26 Bent Ridge Road from Grayce E. Weber to Brian S. Maynor-Ray $375,000

533 Great North Road from Estate of Virginia Christine Mullen-Gardinier f/k/a Virginia C. Mullen to Joseph Matthew Ingoglia and Alyssa N. Ingoglia $121,000

206 Dove Park from Joe E. Scott Jr. to Linda S. Chester $122,000


265 Carolina Ridge Drive from John J. Bedlek and Anne K. Bedleck to Kevin Mark Austin and Alysia Jane Austin $300,000

22 Cypress Cove Road from Nex Ventures Realty Inc. to Kristyal L. Washington $179,000

468 Legend Oaks Drive from Nettie M. Young to Marquetta Singleton $121,000

16 Brushwood Court from Kevin M. Austin and Alysia Jane Austin to Josefina O. Bodoy and Jakara M. Cruz Osorio $121,000

107 Meadow Springs Drive from MM Residential Properties LLC to Tara C. Godbolt and Curtis J. Godbolt Jr. $259,900

319 Gracemount Lane from Aaron M. Kyle and Elizabeth V. Kyle to Anthony Kipkoech Kiprono $179,500

116 Oak Cove Drive from Maker & Maker, LLC to Willis I. Lester, Jr. and Lorraine E. Lester $143,500

Lexington County


131 Rossmore Drive from Gary Nicholas Fox and Jessica J. Fox to Danny Chappell and Danielle Chappell $230,000

403 Shady Lane from George A. Weathers a/k/a George Allen Weathers to SFR3 LLC $116,500

1331 Karlaney Avenue from J&B Decker Trust to Charles N. Taylor Sr. and Denise S. Orr $107,000

1945 Rosemary Drive from Lucas Properties LLC to Jack Z. Taylor $173,400

408 Tamwood Circle from William T. Smith and Sheryl W. Smith to Douglas G. Hanslip $245,500


105 Bass Pointe Lane from Marilyn B. Knowles to Ector Morales and Julie Banta $374,500

2052 Amicks Ferry Road from Robert M. Bennett to Price Family Trust $1,400,000

370 St. Thomas Church Road from Mary Beth Lewis to Douglas J. Edwards Jr. and Melissa A. Edwards $545,000

421 Amicks Ferry Road from Marc Ashley Lindler to Craig Lindler and Bonnie Lindler $140,000

247 Brookridge Drive from Mungo Homes Inc. to Jason Osolin and Denise Osolin $515,486

136 Killian Point Circle from Suburban Properties LLC to Tina L. Overton $525,000


505 Lawndale Drive from Great Southern Homes Inc. to Kenya Q. Smith $180,000


2116 Shull Avenue from David W. Hilburn to Mary Beth Lewis $880,000

69 Downing Circle from Virginia M. Deluca Trust to Joseph H. Sandifer, Jr. $258,500

1116 and 1120 Lester Keisler Road from Joey C. Bouknight, Tracy B. Auld and Betty Lynn Baldwin to Jeremy Fallaw and Mendal Fallaw $175,000


105 Tuscany Court from Melody Sandola n/k/a Melody Taylor to Christopher C. Kaderly $118,000

179 Rocky Ridge Road from Decker Associates LLC to Robert T. Osteen and Anita C. Osteen $115,000

1401 Lake Murray Boulevard from Yow, Pringle & Ransom, LLC to Mr. Nick’s Car Wash LLC $288,000


101 Breezy Pointe Lane from Susan S. Springer a/k/a Susan L. Springer and Foize N. Simon Jr. to Janet Flynn and Romie Rikard $1,225,000


213 Cinnamon Hill Lane from Traci D. Taylor to Jack Joseph Dipietro and Colleen Marie Dipietro $147,000

129 Weatherstone Road from Gregory M. Hansen to Thelma D. Sanders $104,500

308 Dawsons Park Drive from Shane Shuler and Kristen McRoberts Shuler to John S. Cook $157,995

138 Breezes Drive, Unit 34-C from Stepp & Stepp Properties, LLC to Joshua Crawford and Ashleigh Gallegos $115,000

130 Letha Lane from Justin H. Murphy and Debra Murphy to Christopher Weld and Ashley R. Weld $245,000

128 Majestic Court from Noel A. Beledon-Herrera to Bhavik M. Patel, Maheshchandra Lallubhai Patel, Chandni Patel and Mahendrakumar Patel $297,000

208 Ivy Hill Court from Thonda Shealy f/k/a Rhonda S. Mew to Leon P. Joyner $172,000

421 Jordan Way from Andrew R. Caldwell and Vicky P. Caldwell to Katherine H. Barlet and Joshua B. Barlet $230,000

205 Oak Bough Court from Richard Young to Christin O. Pirkle and Owen W. Pirkle $346,000

104 Corley Woods Court from Riley J. Owen to Tamara Cooper $230,000

226 Waterstone Drive from Linda Karen Scott and John Douglas Scott to Thomas Michael Hickey and Shannon Kelly Hickey $237,000

212 Lightsey Court from Fortress Homes LLC to Kevin D. Smithson and Sara E. Smithson $291,990

616 Ventana Lane from NVR Inc. to Romeo Marquez and Miunihda Joseph $189,955

106 Stone Ledge Court from John C. Ansell and Amy L. Ansell to Brent A. VanZanen and Janette N. VanZanen $220,500

34 Crescent Moon Court from James Clay Henry to Betty B. Yon $106,000

152 Widgeon Drive from Betty B. Yon to Joseph P. Ray and Lacey W. Ray $159,900

128 Lady Kathryns Court from Andrew F. Benko, III and Lindsay P. Benko to Jin S. Chen, Xiuzhu Chen and Kunli Chen $470,000

149 Steeplechase Road from Michael Umhoefer and Kelly Omhoeffer to Stephen F. Wegrzyn and Pamela C. Wegrzyn $630,000

137 Landing Drive from Landing Drive LLC to Charles Wesley Green and Amanda Jaye Green $139,000

119 Bonhomme Circle from Thomas V. Serra and Lucille D. Serra to Billy Joe Bane and Lovonna Ann Bane $131,500

353 Palmer Drive from Robin H. Leaf and Sharon Leaf to Janis B. Summers $329,000

29 Boardwalk Lane from James Marion Green III, Kellie Lynn Green and Barbara Leroux to Robin H. Leaf and Sharon Leaf $238,000

664 Braekel Way from Jessica J. Conner n/k/a Jessica J. Brodie to Mohamed Mohi Hegazi and Mentalla Mohamed Fatouh $184,000

316 Kelsey Glen Drive from Brian M. Hunter and Jennifer H. Hunter to Sandra L. Garner and James D. Garner $393,000

135 Pine Point Drive from Burdette E. Townsend and Janet C. Townsend to Damon G. Marcott $538,500

100 Rama Lane from Shannon P. Lee n/k/a Shannon L. Calabrese and Salvatore J. Calabrese to Jacob D. Little $120,000

330 Nehemiah Road from McGuinn Homes LLC to Stanley W. Walker Jr. and Diane W. Walker $170,950

100 Cabot Bay Drive from Tammy G. Taylor to Margaret W. Coker and Shelby E. Matthews $105,900

181 Sandlapper Way, Unit 12-B from Wesley L. Harris and Robert S. Harris to Roy D. Allison and Janice L. Pratt $188,000

575 Wise Ferry Road from Dwight C. Corley to Ricky C. Price and Daniel D. Powers $350,000

337 Buckthorne Drive from American Homes 4 Rent Properties Ten LLC to Kristopher W. Lowe and Courtney N. Lowe $193,000


211 Snow Lane from Russell S. Reeder and Terri A. Morrison a/k/a Terri A. Reeder to Rachel Kisler $134,000

239 Starling Way from Patrick W. Boume and Stephanie J. Blume to Shannon Dawn Cochran and Shannon Daniel Cochran $178,000

270 Silverbell Lane from Christopher L. Watt and Becki Watt to Frank Jones and Stephanie Daniels Jones $210,050

257 Riglaw Circle from Shannon L. Widener a/k/a Shannon Widener n/k/a Shannon Leanne Carswell to Raymond Joseph Hackett Jr. $139,000

111 Land of Lake Circle from E G Trayer a/k/a Edgar G. Trayer to Vivian Corley and Sharon Delaine Corley $136,000

1233 Knotts Haven Loop from John W. Gregory and James C. Moorer to Jason G. Gauntt $195,000

5569 Platt Springs Road from James Blizzard and Allison Blizzard to Freedom Plumbing Inc. $160,000

300 Farm Chase Court from Kenneth W. Hibshman to Arthur S. Watts and Tammy R. Watts $180,000

110 Elvington Lane from Xue Xin Gao to Candi A. Scutt $136,250

147 Darian Drive from Judith A. Francis to Rylan Nolan Sanders and Emily M. McPheron $123,500

125 Kittal Road from Twelve Oaks Farm Inc. to Palm City II LLC $1,000,000

6285 Platt Springs Road from Lovette Investment Properties LLC to Chad L. Alexander $128,250

144 Lacy Springs Circle from Kevin D. Smithson to David Waldy and Jessie Waldy $280,000

301 Louisa Lane from Jacqueline E. Kutz and Michelle R. Barnett to Taylor Loudenback and Jessica Hall $119,500

140 Maplewood Drive from Curtis Chandler to Reginaldo Martinez and Aveline Contreras Martinez $105,000

929 Bannockburn Drive from Mungo Homes Inc. to Jordan B. Palmer and Kylie R. Palmer $244,116

230 Colony Lakes Drive from L. Victoria Hooper to Jose D. Lopez and Elva Lopez $140,000

562 Silverbell Court from Mungo Homes Inc. to Robert C. Corder and Deborah V. Corder $209,900

811 Winter Flower Drive from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Keith Terry $154,544


255 Harvest Glen Lane from Tyler L. King and Haley C. King to Erin L. Phillips $144,500

825 Scarlet Leaf Lane from Evan Cole Roberson to John Mark Hughes $148,500

2220 Hooklawn Drive from Albert Lawrence Feaster to Barbara Judd $110,000


347 Congaree Ridge Court from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Joseph O. Nester III and Michelle C. Nester $454,473

1117 Lake Shore Drive from Joshua B. Barlet to Katrina R. Dale $119,850

2708 Morningdale Drive from Dana McClellan to Elaine S. Metzger $185,000

262 Stonewood Drive from Joshua C. Meetze to SFR JV-1 Property LLC $105,000

116 Melon Drive from Nex Ventures Realty, Inc. to Nelson O. Mason, Jr. $155,900

4960 Platt Springs Road from James C. Forsyth and Sylvia B. Forsyth to Tammy K. McGee and Kevin F. Mcgee $125,000

257 Winchester Court from Jimmy D. McMillan and Linda C. McMillan to Noreen Cunningham and Gerard Cunningham $228,000


220 Dogwood Road from Christopher Todd Stevens and Robin E. Stevens to Brandon M. Boyd $233,200


3546 Bronte Road from Mark R. Fuge and Jennifer L. Fuge to County of Lexington $130,000

726 Woodland Hills from John Maxey Stewart, Jr. to Olivia G. Small $140,000


190 Hillsborough Road from Deborah Ann Hedgedus n/k/a Deborah A. Hedgedus Farr to Stanley Mitchell $174,900

108 Cranewater Drive from Michael Jeffrey Buchko to BVI Investments, LLC $113,000

5935 McMillan Circle from Michael L. Shepard and Jeanne H. Shepard to Chari Davis $118,000

113 Seafarer Lane from Deborah C. Waters to $136,000

119 Laurel Branch Way from Rasik K. Patel and Vasanti R. Patel to Bilal Sahal Maseer Al Nasrawi $259,000

506 Willow Bend Court from Donald R. Weaver to Deana Crawford $179,900

135 Archers Lane from Jerry Wayne Buice to Gary Lynn Stefaniak and Ellen Lucille Stefaniak $190,400

91 Leeward Road from Lee A. Williams and Jeffrey Lynn Williams to Kerry W. Savage $150,000

1719 Shadowood Drive from Ddger Enterprise, LLC to Margaret Brown $140,000

Kershaw County


1997 White Oak Drive from Estate of Daniel John Tkaczyk a/k/a Daniel J.l. Tkaczyk to Jason M. Patterson and Tammy S. Patterson $190,000

9 Lydford Lane from Great Southern Homes Inc. to Manuel Hernandez Solis and Roy Solis $198,500

602 Greene St. from Janet Choynowski Veals a/k/a Janet Choynowski Farber to Robert D. Carpenter Living Trust $795,000

510 Rutledge St. from Willard C. Copp Irrevocable Trust to Edward S. Warnock $135,000


244 Elmwood Boulevard from Courtney R. Hetler to Tyesha S. Williams $116,000

516 Idlewood Lane from Chase L. Doar to Jimmy Lee Wallace and George Belleville $132,000

2 Casey Drive from Jonathan Mart and Junie Dennis Mart to Kaweda L. Crenshaw and Brian T. Crenshaw $285,000

45 Desert Rose Court from Timothy R. Jennings to James L. Ellis $208,000


1649 Springvale Road from James L. Ellis a/k/a James Lee Ellis to Jonathan J. Mart and Junie Dennis Mart $364,000

TL Hanna @ Williams-Brice!

Friday evening my girls were at a familiar place but for an unfamiliar reason. They know what and where Williams-Brice stadium is all about, but they had a hard time understanding why we were going on a cold Friday night. Answer: My hometown of Anderson and awesome high school, T.L. Hanna, was in the State Championship game is why!!!

I’m super proud of Anderson, S.C. and T.L. Hanna. Yes, we lost, but I was so impressed with the crowd that traveled two hours to Columbia for a game that was rescheduled for a Friday night. As I hugged and talked to old friends it was like no time had passed at all. That’s how it should be.

To note, the changeover between games at Williams-Brice is complete chaos. Further, the setting for the fourth game of the day is a complete trash pit. We were sitting and standing in three games worth of ketchup, spilled and unspilled drinks everywhere, and loads of orange cheese. Don’t get me wrong, I have no solution and am taking it in as part of the overall experience. That said, it was sticky and very gross. 

Friday night was amazing. It was crowded, freeeezzzing, loud, and exciting. It was one of those nights that is unplanned and nothing is expected and you embrace it as an experience and live it out the best it can be lived out. Fighting sleep and half frozen snot flowing, as we got in the car to go home it was one of those times when your kids say, “That was the best night ever, daddy!!!”

Thank you to the players, parents, coaches, teachers, staff, and all that is T.L. Hanna High School. While I’m proud of their football season, I’m grateful to what they provided for an amazing Upstate S.C. community. Personally speaking, I’m thankful to all of you for providing such a good time for my family. My girls are still talking about it.   

Thank you!!

Franklin Jones

Columbia’s Newest Hotsheet!

This edition of The HotSheet includes the most recent homes to hit Downtown Columbia, SC’s real estate market in the last two weeks. As of 1:02 AM, the fastest site in the industry is featuring 51 new listings for sale.

The areas include the zips 29201, 29204, 29205, 29206, and 29209, with a price range of $100,000 to $Zillion. Remember!!… No big deal if you don’t want to ‘register’ to look deeper at a particular property. Simply type in my initials or the word “Blog” (or whatever you can think of “Cocks,” “Tigers”), and shoot in a random email address in the field. Even if you don’t want to register or ‘poser register,’ you can still get a good glimpse of what’s new to the market by simply scrolling around the Gallery Page.

If you or anyone you know would like more information about any of these Downtown properties for sale, or if you’re interested in putting your home on the market, please call 803-447-8683 or email .

Happy clicking and Thank you!!

Franklin Jones

Welcome To The Neighborhood, Henry!

This afternoon we all carpooled to Tazza Kitchen @ Trenholm Plaza to celebrate Elizabeth Woodring Ross and the almost arrival of her son, Stephen Henry Ross, Jr.

If you know us, you’re aware we don’t need a reason to go out. That said, we used Elizabeth’s soon to be here child to do just that. 🙂

When Amanda, Amy, and I started working together there was one child between the three of us named Lee Payne. Fast forward to the pic above, Henry will be #10.

It’s no secret my relationship with Elizabeth transcends real estate sales. Simply and clearly put, we’ve changed each other’s lives. This single blog post changed both of our careers. Much further, remember this? Remember this? How ’bout this?

To fill some of you in, I’m typing this between my late wife’s birth date and death date. If you’re wondering why I’m bringing this up, click a few of the links in the paragraph above. I’m telling you, Elizabeth Woodring Ross and I are far beyond bricks and mortar and/or neighborhood price/foot. We are hundreds of sales, countless tears, and even more laughs.

Congratulations to my friend and colleague Elizabeth Ross. I don’t see her husband, Stephen, enough but I know he’s one awesome man who adores his wife and is over the top happy and anxious to be the father of the century to their son, Henry.

We love you Elizabeth and are so happy for you and your family!!!

Franklin Jones

Check Out Some Stuff We Found!

A few days ago we had the pleasure of closing the property @ 1 Myrtle Court in the Wales Garden Neighborhood of Downtown Columbia – 29205. If you’ve never heard of Myrtle Court, it kinda veers in near the “horse fountain” at Wateree Avenue.

Some folks love charm. LOVE IT! Sometimes charming means old, vintage, or antique, and sometimes it means one, two, and possibly all three.

Check out the pics above that were taken in the charming 1 Myrtle Court.

I swanee the first time I saw that toileting system the tissue holder was in the white, unpainted rectangle just below the tank on the right-hand side. It has since been removed and a roll of toilet tissue now sits on the top shelf to the left. If you look closely on the other side, you’ll see the pull-chain flushing mechanism that hangs down to around the valve. Now I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that folks that lived in charming homes either had long a** arms or did things differently than I know how to do.

Please see the robot looking machine in the second pic. I have my camera over my head as the full magnitude of this droid is every bit as large as I am. I didn’t know whether to pet it, kneel in respect, or run back up the basement steps. Needless to say, it spoke to me without speaking (thank goodness).

Now check out the close-up business card screwed/riveted to the upper middle section of the droid. I think someone should call Paul T. Cotton at ALpine-4-3637.

All fun aside, the house is cool and going to be awesome when the vision is completed, and the neighborhood speaks for itself, and of course, as you’ve heard me say and type many times, “It’s the Neighborhood!!!!”

I must say the sale may not have closed without the property legal description and surveying expertise of my buyer client.

Congratulations to the buyers and sellers of 1 Myrtle Court in Historic Wales Garden Neighborhood!

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

Elizabeth Ross: “Best of the Best!”

Over the last few years, I’ve very much enjoyed the mindset of, “When credit is earned, credit is due.” When a REALTOR within our team/company makes an impression on a person/client while navigating through the homebuying process, it’s wonderful and positive thing. I want to magnify this for the people I work with.

Enter the design above.

As Amy and I worked on this project I wanted to focus on the agent that deserved the Zillow “Review.” After all, and while all closed sales officially go along with both of our names, the experience is with who worked with the client.

I’ve been doing this for about 12 or so years now, and no one in our company has made more of a positive impact for our clients that Elizabeth Ross.

Be on the lookout for more “agent reviews” as we’re proud of our buyer/seller/client relationships. We always strive to provide a world-class real estate experience.

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

Pam Temple = MREA = New Level.

This week, 125ish real estate professionals of the Midlands had the privilege of hanging out and learning from one of the best in the business. Pamela Temple, of, was in Columbia to teach us The Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller. Many of us know it as, “The Red Book.”

The pic above is of some of the top-producing REALTORS in the Midlands of South Carolina. I’m typing about hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate sales production. Who’s the Top Producer in the room? The woman standing on the far left of the photo.

The reason she’s able to take the time to teach is that she lives by the systems and models of The Red Book. She knows about specialization. She knows about “Highway Talent,” and “Cul-de-sac Talent.” She knows about culture and standards.

As real estate professionals and we’re honest with ourselves, she would be the #1 producing REALTOR in Columbia, SC. She simply has a mindset that has not yet hit the Midlands.

Thank you so much Pamela Temple! Thank you for coming to Columbia to drop your knowledge and we hope you will visit us soon and often!

Franklin Jones

Thank You, Junior League of Columbia, South Carolina!

Ever since Emily Brady Bedenbaugh surprised me in front of some of the leaders of the Junior League of Columbia, I’ve tried to think of something appropriate to say (type) about my relationship with this organization, and how thankful I am.

Facebook sent me the image above of a Holiday Market from nine years ago.

If you know my story, it’s not an easy relationship to explain. If I had a Facebook status with the Junior League of Columbia, “Married, In a Relationship, & Its Complicated,” would all apply.

As I think of it, friends and even folks I don’t know often ask or say, “What’s this thing you have with the Junior League?” or “Can you do this with us?… Like you do with the Junior League?”

Here’s the rub: Folks think I/we just give cups and money.


My relationship with JLC is something that has grown organically, over time.

I’ve cleaned out hoarder houses, nailed boards to Habitat Homes, served spaghetti, read to kids, helped set up Holiday Market, broken down Holiday Market, secured Mr. Friendly’s and Starbucks, et al, as asked, have been Santa Claus for five or so years, and have made lifelong friends as a result of being involved with the JLC.

I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’, (and without getting too deep in the weeds), my relationship with the Junior League of Columbia has been one of the personal and professional pleasures of my life. Truth told, to me, our relationship has become a life achievement thing. I don’t want to be cheezy here, but the fact that we can even donate this amount of time and/or treasure to a philanthropic entity is, IMO, a good story. I shake my head often as I’m proud of what our team has done and is doing.

I’m trying to find the words, but can’t think of what to type about how Jennifer, Amanda, Elizabeth, and Amy enough to thank them for making this relationship happen.

To bring this full circle, the pic above is of Jennifer’s goddaughter, Landon Denemark, and my godson, Reid Denemark nine years ago. Thank you, Facebook.

Recognize that Santa?


Franklin Jones

Ross Holmes @ Za’s On Devine; Let’s Do It Again!

If you didn’t get the memo last year or missed this year’s Facebook invite, we’ll be heading to Za’s on Devine again for the JLC Holiday Market Preview Party ‘After-Party!’  Everyone knows Za’s (half of us probably met at Za’s!), everyone knows The Ross Holmes Band, and everyone needs an after-party. BOOM – There you go!!!

If you remember, ever since Dianne’s on Devine decided to close her doors the After Party had nowhere to go. A few years went by when the fellas at Za’s asked us if we would get involved in a co-marketing effort to get the party started at their new venue. It was a freaking smash bang hit!!! Fast forward to today and it looks like we have a new tradition going.

We all have a big time at the JLC Preview Party, for sure, but some of the best memories are made at the annual late nighter.

Is attending Preview Party a prerequisite for the after-party? Heck, no…who cares?!! Come on!

We’ll see you Wed. night at Za’s hanging out with friends, laughing hard and dancing to Ross Holmes Band starting a little after whenever you get there.

Click on the pic above and you will probably see a familiar face or two! 🙂

Thank you!

Franklin Jones