Countrywide Financial Corp

takeover, if it were to happen, would be “brilliant,” Cramer said. It would take Countrywide off the government’s hands and it’s a windfall for BoA (the stock was up on the news of the talks). A deal like this would be unlikely under normal circumstances for antitrust reasons since both companies have such huge mortgage businesses, but these are not normal circumstances.

$420 Million Dollars… Million!!!; There Must Be A Better Way…

The Job Pays $400,000. Look at all of this money…

Republican Candidates Raised: On Hand
Romney $62,829,069 $9,216,517
Giuliani $47,253,521 $16,649,826
McCain $32,124,785 $3,488,628
Thompson $12,828,111 $7,121,744
Paul $8,268,453 $5,443,667
Brownback $4,235,333 $94,654
Tancredo $3,538,244 $110,079
Huckabee $2,345,798 $651,301
Hunter $1,890,873 $132,742
Keyes $22,768 $12,629
Total Republican $175,336,955 $42,921,787

Democrats Candidates Raised: On Hand
Clinton $90,935,788 $50,463,013
Obama $80,256,427 $36,087,191
Edwards $30,329,152 $12,397,048
Richardson $18,699,937 $5,821,588
Dodd $13,598,152 $3,874,874
Biden $8,215,739 $1,886,340
Kucinich $2,130,200 $327,094
Gravel $379,795 $17,526
Total Dem $244,545,190 $110,874,674

Totals $419,882,145 $153,796,461

1820 W. Buchanan is Leaving The Market…

This is an artist’s rendering (paint job via photoshop) of the home…

After having enjoyed the label “Pending Contract” three times, the Franklin Jones sign is coming down and this house is leaving the market.

Over two years ago, this house received an appraisal of $290,000. It is now on the market for $249,900. It is the one listing that I have not been able to “shake.” I even sold the house that shares the backyard, back border for a record price in seven days about two months ago. I think it closed at over $170./ft.

I think that this house is a deal for someone out there. It has a swank new kitchen, great hardwoods and a lot that is almost a football field deep. Even if someone “held” it for a while with renters, it should pop for a profit in the not too distant future.

A home in the Heathwood area, with a Sachelford school zone under $250,000, is a rare product. This house should have “popped”….

N. Tombee Home Coming To Market…

This home is not on MLS yet….
This home on N. Tombee will be coming to market on Friday afternoon. At the moment, the list price looks to be $698,000. I haven’t been inside yet, but I think its very nice. At almost 4000 sq.ft., this home sports 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths.
Let me know via if you would like to see interior pictures, or would like to take a visit…

From Season To Session… Welcome Back!

Out with the Cocks and Tigers. Here come the mules and the only mammals on earth that can’t jump….

We had a great time watching football season this year, and a big time following our Gamecocks (uh, sort of). Now it’s time for the “State House Season” to begin. In August, we go around town asking, “Are you ready for football season?” In January, we ask, “Are you ready for session?” Ready or not, the South Carolina legislature is “In Session.”

In the morning, the “teams” will start butting heads and cutting deals. Political parties, caucuses and interest groups will go at it like bulls, bears, elephants and mules as they build coalitions and/or gut one another for their claims for attention, personal causes and money.

Will R’s prevail? Will D’s? Will private schools feel like winners this year? Is this the year the tobacco lobby falls to a higher tax, in the name of a 3 to 1 federal match? Perhaps not. Is ’08 the year for small business tax breaks, or tax hikes? If hikes, who’s going to get the money? If breaks, who takes the hit? We’ll see.

Whether you like big time college football or a downright nasty soap opera, South Carolina’s political season is always a doozy.

To be sure, our system is not perfect. However, it is the system that we live under. Having said this, I hope that everyone will get informed and be involved as much as they can. If for nothing else, we will try to find ourselves living in a more perfect South Carolina.
Any Columbia, SC homeowner should take note…

Updated Shandon Homes Can Move…

Thanks To This Closing, We Are Among The Top 10 (Closed Sales), In-Town Realtors for 2007. I Am Humbled and Grateful. I Owe Everything To The Best Real Estate Network In Columbia…..Bar None.

We “closed out” ’07 with a bang, when this awesome home on Duncan St closed in late December. At 2700 sq.ft., this house closed at a respectable $444,000. The price/ft. is $164.44. In short, Shandon is standing strong.

This home is one of the nicest “re-do’s” that I’ve seen in all of Shandon. Pretty much everything is immaculate.

This is a great example of, if you have a “move in ready” in-town home, at a respectable price, it will sell.

Congratulations to the Buyer and Seller of this Shandon Stunner…

The Corn Caucus Has Spoken…

“HOLY” HUCK!!! It looks like Chuck Norris can kick butt, after all. I hear Huck may bring Ric Flair out when the campaign hits South Carolina. I guess they think Flair’s “Figure 4 leglock” is a little more effective in the south, than a Hollywood roundhouse kick. Nevertheless, it looks like its going to be Mitt vs Huck in a heavyweight fight.

Obama’Rama! Early in 2007, I asked a powerful Democrat, “Who’s running the Obama campaign in South Carolina”. His answer was interesting…”Obama’s not a campaign, He’s is a movement.” I have to admit, the email made me raise an eyebrow. As of tonight (with a little help from the Bill Richardson campaign), it looks like he may be on to something.

Great Friends + Cool Place = Good Times….

No matter where you are, bringing in the New Year is always great, as long as you are with family and/or friends. We ended ’07 and rang in ’08 with traditional vittles, big time college football and an overall grand time.

As expected, we arrived in Columbia around 2 o’clock today. Of course, we miss being at the beach. Having said this, we are ecstatic to be back in Columbia. For some reason (thank goodness for anxious buyers and sellers), it is difficult to be away from the midlands for many days at a time.

Jenna, you do a great job as group photographer…

Driving 2+Hours To Sit On The Couch, And Loving It…

In a few hours, the couch will be turned in to a racing saddle…

As expected, we capped off the Holiday Season with a full day of couch sitting. Between eight beachgoers, I estimate that today, we’ve collectively spent 70+ (the number would be higher, but two visitors had to leave after lunch) on the couch. We have flipped from game to game, all day long. At the moment, Hawaii is receiving their share of an SEC beatdown at the hands of UGA.

Of course, we had to eat. We’ve “thrown down” all day long on pork tenderloin, hoppin-john and collards, till we are green in the face. All of it was great. If superstition holds true, I should expect to win two or three lotteries this year.

At 10:00 am tomorrow (check out time), the butt sitting abrubtly ends. After we visit Litchfield By The Sea to get our Starbucks, the 2008 horse race that is Columbia’s real estate market will begin. I can’t wait….