Six Neighborhoods on Lockdown? Maybe…

Cottontown, Heathwood, Hollywood/Rose Hill, Shandon, Sherwood Forest, Wales Garden; Progress serves you well. I hope City Council will too…

Let’s refresh… A few weeks ago, the Planning Commission thought it would be wise to make it such that it should take 50%+1 of a particular neighborhood, to move toward a “historical designation.” Most folks thought this was a fair at best, uncomfy at worst and all together not awful plan.

Marc Mylott, the City Zoning Administrator, is going to publicly defy this plan Wednesday at 10a.m. (every one’s attendance encouraged). Mr. Mylott, is going to argue that he has a better way. He may argue that it should be up to City Council, solely. He may argue that it should only take 50%+1, of whoever attends a particular neighborhood meeting in a school gym. Who knows? Whatever his argument, I’m going to try to attend.

I think Mr. Mylott is worried that, under the plan that’s on the table, Shandon is unattainable. With Shandon sporting 1,600+ homes, he’s afraid he won’t be able to attain the necessary 800+ signatures. Apparently, he’s going to attempt to control your shutters a different way.

Before a property rights debate begins, should someone suggest that since our neighborhoods are “Associations,” that we dare bring up the idea of HOA fees? Should each association begin collecting fees related to square footage, property footage or how many bedrooms a house contains? Hmmm…. Of course, I’m not advocating an HOA fee, but I would think the notion would raise a few eyebrows.

There is no perfect answer that will please everyone. However, I’m going to be pretty peeved if I have to submit a plan, to paint our dang shutters black.

January 21, 2008

Black, White and Red All Over…

What is Black, White and Red All Over? This Week, South Carolina…

Now that the Republicans have had their day in South Carolina’s sun (uh, rain), it’s time for the Democrats to roll into town. The main difference between the two primaries (other than the voters they will be catering to) is that, unlike the GOP’s race, this one features three (errr…2.5) candidates.

There are 3 distinct differences between the candidates; 1) Barack Obama is a male, person of color. 2) Hillary is a white woman and the wife of a former President. 3) John Edwards was born in an upstate mill, and he is P-I-S-S-E-D about it!

Look for this race to get very nasty. Since many feel Obama must win here, Hill-Bill will be putting on a full court press. Throw in that Edwards was born in Seneca, and won S.C. in the last go-round, makes for a hum-doozy of a week to come.

On the Republican side of things, should we look for an “old guard” candidate?

With only one day left before the vote, I happen to think not. At the moment, it seems as though we need some “new juice” in Washington.

Romney maybe? Huckabee? Fred? As of late Thursday night, I would argue that Gov. Mitt Romney may be the shot in the arm that America may need. It may be time for a successful, big thinking businessman to run our country.

I think it could be argued that Mitt Romney will sourround himself with the top foreign policy and military minds/hearts in the United States. Having said this, Gov. Romney is a proven winner when it comes to fixing big things, particulary business.

Either way, I’m sure that the Republican’s will choose wisely.

January 17, 2008

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January 17, 2008

Columbia Should Take the High Road…


Does anyone realize that when we visit Richland County for tax business, that we are feeding parking meters that belong to the City of Columbia? WUT!?

This seems pretty odd. If anyone wants to discuss their tax bill, or even pay their taxes to their local government, we have to pay another local government to do it? Of course, we all know what’s next: parking ticket.
In short, to pay or appeal our county taxes, we have to pay the city’s meter an entrance fee. Then many times, we pay an exit fee (parking ticket). Does Columbia really have to make coin on the backs of good citizens that are doing, of all things…TAX BUSINESS? Really?

Hotsheet – Jan. 16, 2008

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It’s Our Turn… Republicans First

The Michigan primaries are over. Now, earth rotates it’s attention to The Palmetto State. The Republicans are up first, as the primary is set for this Saturday.

Now that the GOP has three different winners in four contests, the field is wide open. Some say this is fun for America to watch, while others say that this is awful for the GOP. Nevertheless, like real estate, all politics is clearly local.

Early on, Rudy was clearly winning in South Carolina. Now, we have two/three candidates fighting to prove who is more Christian (Huckabee/Thompson/Romney), one cotastrophe specialist (Rudy), one military vote sponge and Iraq occupier (McCain) and one who is most about business and economic progress (Romney). Yeesh… What a mess! Either way, I hope our state can make the most of the spotlight, as the political world is here.

Whichever candidate you’re for, and if Republican, just make sure to VOTE on Saturday…

Hotsheet – Jan 15, 2008

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