$3 Million = Columbia’s Pocket Change

For the last few years, the general rule has been that if you owe about $100.00 in parking tickets, you get towed. If you are lucky, you can catch the “meter maid” before he/she calls the tow company…but you better have cash.

Columbia (WLTX) — When people buy lottery tickets, they want to collect millions and so does the city of Columbia. The difference is they’re banking on unpaid parking tickets.

City officials say there are $3 million dollars of unpaid tickets that haven’t been paid.

Mayor Bob Coble says there is a plan. He says reports indicating the city is considering issuing criminal warrants to people who haven’t paid are false. Coble said, “While you would have the right to do that, criminal warrants wouldn’t be justified for parking tickets.”

Instead, he says they’re sending letters asking you to pay up and if you’re a multiple offender, your car could get towed. They’re also considering a program that would withhold money from tax refunds.

Coble said, “As unpleasant as it can be for cities to collect debts, every debt that’s not collected means someone else has to pay it or there are less services.”

Now, the city’s hoping luck is in their favor and the orange and white ticket holders help them collect their overdue prize.If you want to find out if you have an overdue parking ticket in Columbia, call (803) 545-3362.

For a Good Laugh, Watch This…

HA! This is pretty funny. You will laugh, as you shake your head at this Hitler/Gamecock spoof…

You may have seen this 10 times. If you haven’t, click the link below…


Feb. 4, 2008 – Feb 8, 2008 New Listings…

Cherry Cola

State of the City; 5 challenges facing Columbia

Today, The State Newspaper wrote a story about 5 challenges that face our city. As their points may be valid, I would like to mention one more; Our *&^%^& RED LIGHT SYSTEM!!!.
Our red light system is so bad, that I’m surprised no one has accused the City of being in ka-hoots with local auto repair shops/gas stations. The amount of time that we stop and start everyday, must contribute to the overall cost of our vehicle repairs and gas costs. Maybe the billboard folks are the reason we have to stop AT EVERY BLOCK. Either way, it is awful.

About two years ago, I told some of my buddies that I was going to start entering downtown listings in the MLS as being in the “Cherry Cola” area. Of course, they wondered what I was talking about. I simply told them that with all of the glowing, unsyncronized blinking, hanging cherrys that populate our city, it would be a great fit.
A few solutions coming soon…

Jan 28, 2007 – Feb 3, 2008

>>This Weeks New Columbia Listings…

Worst Logo Ever?

WUT? Madison Avenue should be ashamed…

Ok. Virginia Tech has one of the worst color combinations in all of college sports. However, the NFL seems to think that it needs a little turquoise. Wut???

What we have here, is one of the most awful branding pieces in the world today. I’m not sure what they are going for here, but it must be one of two possiblilities; 1) A late 70’s/early 80’s CBS Wild World of Sports, triple ringed tube sock era throwback (w/ a modern color touchup), or 2) The overhead view of a Star Wars fighter ship, that at the moment, is making a sharp left turn.

The NY Giants and New England Patriots have updated (or thrownback) their logos in the last 10 years. Needless to say, both are far superior to this years Super Bowl logo.

10 Tombee Ct. is Coming To Market…

Kings Grant

This home will be on the market soon. It has four bedrooms with a very large master. My favorite features are probably the awesome portico and manicured backyard. It backs up to the walking trail, which is rare and a big asset. Yet to be determined price, will be around $629,900-$639,000. Odds are, it will be sold before it technically hits the market. Call or email fjones@cbunited.com if you would like a showing…


I received this email today from the National Association of Realtors. In short, most feel that if we can assist borrowers in their quest to refinance, that it will help boost the overall economy. FJ

Tell the Senate that the Economic Stimulus Package Must Contain Relief for Homeowners

Dear Franklin,

The much needed and welcome economic stimulus package is now in the hands of the U.S. Senate. But the Senate must include new loan limits on FHA and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans. America’s housing market needs this help.

NAR wants a stimulus package that will be good for America’s home owners now and for future homeowners to come. Take Action and make your position known. Tell Senators DeMint and Graham that including these new loan limits must be included in the economic package

What’s At Stake:By increasing the loan limits, borrowers will see immediate relief with new liquidity in the mortgage market and the nation will see an additional 300,000 home sales. NAR also knows that with an increase in the FHA limit that an additional 138,000 Americans will purchase and 200,000 families refinance their homes safely and affordably

Jan. 28, 2008

New To The Market…

Wheeler Hill Home Hits the Market Today…

This 2-3 year old Charleston style home sports hardwoods, high-smooth ceilings, recessed lighting, 9 ft. doors and an open floor plan. All four bedrooms have their own private baths, with granite countertops. Combine the open plan with the double decks, it makes for a great home for entertaining.
Of course, being in Wheeler Hill, this home is 5 minutes to anything downtown.