USC Fans Are Great; This Guy Sucks

ESPN Catches This Dude In Low Class Video (Saw this Pic on FitsNews)

We love our Gamecocks, and we know we’re in the best class in the country (SEC).

Having said that, this dude has ZERO class as the N.C. State quarterback, is wheeled out of Williams-Brice.

Hey fella, how’s the view from the cheap seats? If you think you’re man enough to put on the battle bonnet, and go toe to toe with supreme athletes in front of 80,000 fans, get on it. Otherwise, keep your fingers to yourself.

I know you want to be Jordan and Tiger, and step on opponents throats, but this isn’t the way to do it. We may not be the “class” of the football world (yet), but we’d at least like to be considered a classy football family.

I guess you were crunk up. Who knows? Next time you see a guy wheeled off in a stretcher, don’t flick him off.

4511 Mosshill Hits Market; Forest Acres

In the heart of Sachelford School Zone

This good looking, classic Forest Acres brick home is ready to move in. It features 3 bedrooms, a big lot and an updated kitchen with stainless appliances. >>Click Here For Link.

Forest Acres is one of Columbia’s most popular neighborhoods. The lots are generally very large, and the area enjoys some of the midlands most sought after schools.

Forest Acres is actually it’s own city. It has it’s own mayor, council and police department. It bills itself as “A City Away.”

Many argue that the most popular in town shopping center, is in the heart of Forest Acres. Trenholm Plaza is home to Fresh Market, a great Publix, UPS Store, Stein-Mart, a UPS Store and Starbucks.

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Columbia’s Newest Listings…

>>Columbia’s Hotsheet; Aug 18 – Sept 7, 2008

Throw Coach Bowden a Lifeline!

Bowden Calls Coach Saban. Wut!?

Clemson coach, Tommy Bowden, swallowed his pride and called Nick Saban for advice. And Mark Richt. And Frank Beamer. And his father. He said their feedback will help him help the team regroup after the loss to Alabama.

What in the world? Is Coach Bowden, ok? Is he a pride swallower, or just a plain donky donk?

Contrary to most of my Gamecock ultra fans, I think Bowden can get it done at Clemson. However, after about 10 years of upstate disappointment, I may be wrong.

What is this call all about? IPTAY boosters must be APPALLED!…

Coach Bowden,… it’s Ok. You’re gonna be Ok. It’s simple. Don’t put SEC schools on your schedule. No biggie. You’ll be fine….promise.

Not Sure Why This Is So Hilarious

Take a peek at this YouTube video. I’ve watched it about 10 times. Don’t worry, it’s safe to open at work.

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Wales Garden Home Priced To Sell

1713 Pinewood is For Sale; $206,126.

This brick bungalow is in one of Columbia’s favorite neighborhoods. Some call it Wales Garden, some call it Hollywood Hills and some think it’s Rose Hill. Nevertheless, this in town classic bungalow, is move in ready.

This 3 BR home features a large front porch, hardwoods, high-smooth ceilings, large kitchen w/ bar, manicured backyard, wooden deck and a detached garage on a slab.

At $131/ft., it’s priced to go. The home sports 1,577 sq. ft., and will be listed for $206,126.


Republicans should just leave Mrs. McCain up there.
Folks are always talking about how attractive Cindy McCain is. I never really understood it…until now!
I don’t care if you prefer R’s or D’s, Cindy McCain was stunning today.

Clemson; C’mon Now…..

3 Hours Clemson Would Like to Erase

Playing Thursday night, USC enjoyed the first primetime spot of the new football season. This was great and all, but the real primo spot was given to Clemson.

This couldn’t have turned out any worse for the Tigers.

Tiger fans couldn’t end the terror fast enough. T.V. sets around the country blared these quotes, all night long;
“Alabama is starting 10 freshmen…”
“Clemson has the best backfield tandem in the country…”
“Clemson is the best in the ACC…”
“‘Bama is 2nd tier in the SEC…Maybe 3rd.”
“Clemson doesn’t look like they’re even trying…”
“Clemson walked out of the tunnel like they deserved to win this…”
“Clemson is getting pushed around…, etc”.
Herbstreet went on and on, about these issues. Not that they didn’t deserve it, but I’m just sayin’.
Saturday, Tommy Bowden made Nick Saban look worth $4 million, and the Tigers made the ACC look down right inferior.

915 Chester St. Is For Sale…

Historic Elmwood Park Home, Hits Market…

This two story, Charleston style home has 2,350 sq. ft. and features 3 bedrooms and 3 full baths. >>Click Here for more pics

Walk in the front door (from the Charleston style front porch), and you are immediately impressed (again). The beautiful foyer leads into a large dining room to the right, while the large eat-in kitchen is straight ahead.

The three bedrooms are on the second floor. The large master suite has a brand new (large) bathroom, which is rare for the area. The master has all of the modern features, while keeping the historic charm intact.

The finished third floor acts as an enormous playroom. This area has many potential functions, and is nicely done.
The home features four fireplaces, smooth ceilings and designer colors throughout. It’s very well done, and fun to walk through.

As the story goes, Elmwood Park is the one downtown area that avoided Sherman’s troops. Therefore, the old southern charm lives on in this popular neighborhood.

Chester St. is one of the most popular streets, in Elmwood Park. The tree lined street is dotted with different colored homes, and is home to many of Columbia’s truly “historic” homes.

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