On the Republican side of things, should we look for an “old guard” candidate?

With only one day left before the vote, I happen to think not. At the moment, it seems as though we need some “new juice” in Washington.

Romney maybe? Huckabee? Fred? As of late Thursday night, I would argue that Gov. Mitt Romney may be the shot in the arm that America may need. It may be time for a successful, big thinking businessman to run our country.

I think it could be argued that Mitt Romney will sourround himself with the top foreign policy and military minds/hearts in the United States. Having said this, Gov. Romney is a proven winner when it comes to fixing big things, particulary business.

Either way, I’m sure that the Republican’s will choose wisely.


January 17, 2008

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January 17, 2008

Columbia Should Take the High Road…


Does anyone realize that when we visit Richland County for tax business, that we are feeding parking meters that belong to the City of Columbia? WUT!?

This seems pretty odd. If anyone wants to discuss their tax bill, or even pay their taxes to their local government, we have to pay another local government to do it? Of course, we all know what’s next: parking ticket.
In short, to pay or appeal our county taxes, we have to pay the city’s meter an entrance fee. Then many times, we pay an exit fee (parking ticket). Does Columbia really have to make coin on the backs of good citizens that are doing, of all things…TAX BUSINESS? Really?

Hotsheet – Jan. 16, 2008

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It’s Our Turn… Republicans First

The Michigan primaries are over. Now, earth rotates it’s attention to The Palmetto State. The Republicans are up first, as the primary is set for this Saturday.

Now that the GOP has three different winners in four contests, the field is wide open. Some say this is fun for America to watch, while others say that this is awful for the GOP. Nevertheless, like real estate, all politics is clearly local.

Early on, Rudy was clearly winning in South Carolina. Now, we have two/three candidates fighting to prove who is more Christian (Huckabee/Thompson/Romney), one cotastrophe specialist (Rudy), one military vote sponge and Iraq occupier (McCain) and one who is most about business and economic progress (Romney). Yeesh… What a mess! Either way, I hope our state can make the most of the spotlight, as the political world is here.

Whichever candidate you’re for, and if Republican, just make sure to VOTE on Saturday…

Hotsheet – Jan 15, 2008

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Oscar’s…or Oscar?

Is the entertainment industry plucking the geese that lay their golden eggs? I don’t know who’s right or wrong over on the west side, but this thing has been going on so long, that I’ve found that I can just go do something else.

Whatever the theory, we will be right back in front of the tube checking out CSI-Sumter or Law and Order Parking Garage Unit (or whatever spinoff is next), as soon as they figure out their differences.

Get it together people. We can only take so much Presidential spin, and football season only has three games left…

January 14, 2007

Hotsheet – 1/14/07

Click on “Hotsheet – 1/14/07” to get to the listings. When you click on the home, the listing sheet should pop up.

Remember, these are not my listings. They are today’s new listings (some are re-list’s) from downtown, to Blythewood to beyond Hopkins, which are listed by price, from highest to lowest. Today, 32 hit the market…

As of today, 1502 Wyndham may be the coolest house in Columbia’s market.

Call or email us if you would like know more about, or see any of these properties…

THE HOTSHEET; The New Columbia Real Estate Binnoculars…

Search New Listings Like REALTORS…

On MLS, we have something called the “Hotsheet.” The Hotsheet shows what has been put on the market every day. It is a pretty good tool, and I try to utilize it to its full potential when I list a house (If you are a Seller of mine, you already know this).

Below is the Hotsheet of new listings for intown Columbia, from 01/07/08 – 01/11/08. I may update this every night, so that you can keep up with whats new to the market. If I can make this work, you will know what is new to the market faster than other buyers, and many Realtors…

Please note, these are not (some of them may be) my listings. These are Columbia intown listings, that any one of 2,300 Realtors have listed…

Hotsheet 01/07/08 – 01/11/08.