Can Downtown Columbia, S.C. Support a Private Luxury Tennis Center?

How about some “highest and best use” for some junk Columbia swampland out there?

It seems like there are a ton of tennis courts to play on in downtown Columbia. However, when you actually drive around and try to get a court after work, they are very often full.

There are a lot of courts around USC, but it seems like time slots are “signed” for, because of all of the Cola leagues around town. If you drive through Heathwood, there are a couple of parks that have two each. Driving a tinch further, Trenholm Park in Forest Acres has great courts. These are very often reserved for A.C. Flora, Cardinal Newman, Hammond, private lessons or leagues.

Does anyone out there think that it would be a good idea (that means not a good “investment,” but maybe a good idea, in this case) to construct a downtown private tennis center in Columbia? I’m talking about a super nice facility like the ones in Palm Beach and Boca Raton. Maybe it could be built somewhere on the 100 year floodplain that houses are not permitted?

It’s just a thought. A thought because lately I find myself trying to find a bud that will hit with me around 6:30AM. If I can’t find anyone to meet me in Heathwood at the crack of dawn, I throw on the IPod for an hour and hit against the wall. Is this idea hitting the same wall, you think?


  1. Anonymous says

    I don’t know if this idea is feasible or not, but I love the dog picture!!
    I’m not known for my patience … so let us know when you decide to buy the land and throw up the courts.

  2. How about someone buy 1820 W Buchanan and build their own private tennis court in their new gianormous backyard? Problem solved! 🙂

  3. forge ahead says

    I think it works if it’s done right. you got a lot of people that are members of SV and Woodcreek/Wildewood for the courts and pool only. if you did raquet and pool center i think it works. you gotta add something else. it works in lexington with Topspin, but they also have a lack of country and city clubs. where do you propose putting it?

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