Busy As Ever, Amanda Returns Monday

The other night (late night) I posted on Facebook, “CRAZY, hectic week. Still not done. Amanda Quick Payne returns tomorrow…WOoHoO!” I couldn’t have typed with more emphasis.

Some friends think I post this kind of thing for marketing purposes, or to project a clever illusion that I’m a busy Realtor. Here’s the real rub. In a few days, for the first time in my career, we could have 20 ‘sides’ “Pending Contract.” As of Monday, our white board is sporting 17, with three sides currently playing the sometimes eternal game of counter-offer, ping pong.

To be sure, this is an anomaly. Usually, real estate closings happen with a little more tempo than our current scenario. That said, given the current lending environment, we have to get through this production storm, while also servicing our active listings and current buyer clients.

The above pics are a few examples of what is currently Under Contract. While I’m happy to “pull” midnight+ hours of paperwork and emails, it’ll be nice to have Superstar, Amanda Q. Payne, back in action from quality family time at the beach.

We’re always striving to find a more perfect system, and now that Amanda is back, it is time to ramp up the volume again. We wouldn’t be the team we are, without covering for each other through crazy times, and this is certainly one of them.

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