Business as Usual Thanks to Friends

Offers, Contracts and Closings Happening Daily
Thanks to all of my awesome friends 2009 has started off with a bang. Amy, Caroline and I have been busy this week with all sorts of things going on.

Just today, we closed on 5970 Hampton Leas Lane. It was sort of a long contract period but at least it was a smooth and clean closing. Everyone seems very happy.

We also put 6443 Briarwood under contract and are supposed to close on the Landrum listing on Friday. Both of these are in Forest Acres. Hopefully these deals will be as smooth as Hampton Leas was. We’ll see! Needless to say, we’ve stayed very busy in spite of the negative news climate we endure every single day.

Thank you for all of your business and referrals. It makes all the difference. Because of our friends, TeamFranklin is probably the best real estate network in South Carolina. Keep it coming.

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