Bring It, Mr. Quarterback…

Can Stephen Garcia Bring the Noise?

Below, are the thoughts from our fellow bloggers at I’m posting it because I thought Garcia’s statements were interesting, to say the least. All we can say in Gamecock Nation is; Bring it…Just bring it. FJ

Stephen Garcia is chipper
By Adam Fogle Thu, Jul 31, 2008 – 4:20 pm Posted in Around the state
As you can see in the picture above from The State, University of South Carolina quarterback Stephen Garcia has been reinstated two weeks early from a suspension for underage drinking and he is so excited that he’s frolicking around like a Unicorn chasing a rainbow. He even issued a statement through USC thanking the school for not giving up on him the last 742 times he screwed up.

I thank everyone at the University of South Carolina that was involved with my reinstatement – for giving me another chance to be a student-athlete here.

All I can say is that I will try to be the best student-athlete I can during my career here and make this decision a positive one for our university.

The media attention needs to go to Tommy Beecher and the other players on our team.
I will not start talking to the media until I begin playing in the real games here at Carolina

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