Brennen Address Verification; Go.

BRENELEM_SPRINGFEVER_02_092310If you live inside or near the Brennen Elementary School zone (or listen to every day Downtown, Columbia conversation), you’ve likely heard about the new address requirements in order for a child to attend. Below is a PSA to hop on whatever you need to do to verify your address with the school.

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

Address Verification Dates:

A reminder that registration will be held three (3) days in July and August. We have selected the following three (3) days and times for registration.

Weds., July 22 8:00am-3:00pm / Weds., July 29 12:00PM-7:00PM / Weds., August 5 8:00AM-7:00PM

During this time you will need to bring the most current information with you to register for classes. Examples of what can be used to document residency are:

-One (1) from the following: a copy of the current year’s tax return (the portion that shows the address) or a W-2, or lease agreement. CAR TAX BILLS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

-One (1) from the following: Utility bills with the SERVICE address to the domicile (cable, electric, water, or land-line phone bills) CELL PHONE BILLS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

-Brennen reserves the right to require additional proofs of residency when deemed necessary.

If the required information is not provided, your child/children will not be placed in a classroom.

We are very excited to have this process in place and will continue it each year. Should you have any questions, please contact Brennen’s Registrar at 738-7204.


  1. Pamela Adams says

    Thanks Franklin for getting the word out about Brennen’s registration process. Meadowfield has the same process. The next registration day at Meadowfield is Wednesday, August 5 and schedules will be posted Thursday, August 13.

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