Brennen Auction Is An ‘Event.’


BrennenAuctionAfter a perfect 70 something degree Saturday afternoon Jen and I found ourselves with hundreds of our favorite friends at the Brennen Elementary School “Southern Comfort” Auction. This year’s event was held at Hay Hill Garden Market just down from Williams-Brice, which in my bias, is a cool place to have a party.

Even though I haven’t had a child at Brennen Elementary School I’ve attended this event for the past five or six years. As you can tell, it’s a good time, and Hay Hill was a primo venue for the tone of the event. Stellar food, cool space, and an all around good vibe. I think a TON of money was raised for the Brennen Bulldogs. I saw a puppy go for about $1,300 clams. :-O

Thank you, Brennen, for having us! Next year is our breakthrough year, as it looks like our Finley will finally be walking your halls.

Wobble baby, wobble baby, wobble baby, wobble (yeah)…!

Thank you!


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