Bravo’s “MDL” Is Best Real Estate TV

As I do what I do late night, there’s just not a lot of great TV on after midnight. For instance, if you don’t want to watch the same SportsCenter over and over, re-runs of Storage Wars, Pawn Man (or whatever it’s called), and Wicked Tuna is about as good as it gets. That said, I’m aaaall about Wednesday night.

While “Modern Family” is awesome, the show I make SURE to watch, is BRAVO’S “Million Dollar Listing – New York.” For a Realtor who loves his job, I flippin’ love this show.

You may remember “MDL – LA”, which I enjoyed just as well. I’m not sure what happened to the L.A. fellas, Josh, Madison, and Chad (the guy with the helmet hair, later replaced by another Josh)  but they were fun to watch, too. Rumor was, the Josh with the grandmother was stealing art from his high priced listings. Who knows… but I hope the LA dudes come back soon!

Fast forward to today’s version. The NYC guys are more serious, and collectively have more of a competitive edge. It’s interesting that all three of the NYC guys wear ties every day, while only one of the four in LA (the new Josh) messes with a knot on a daily basis.

While the LA Realtors seem pretty equal, the NY guys are on COMPLETELY different levels.  Frederik seems to be, far and away, the absolute killer of the three, while Michael is admittedly new to the industry. The soap actor/hand model, Ryan, is clawing to get to Fredrik’s level. The gap seems to be pretty wide.

Frederik is a straight up real estate BEAST. So much so, IMO, that his style may work against him in our marketplace. Actually, I wanted to blast him a little in this post. Tonight, however, he humanized himself with scenes with his mom and dad, even giving his mom a $100,000 gift in front of millions of eyeballs. Pretty cool.

Anyway, it’s pretty late and I need to wrap up. Just a tip… if you like real estate shows, but are bored by regular House Hunting stuff, the Million Dollar Listing series is much more intense and brings a more realistic snapshot of this business.

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