Bravo Show is Good Late Night TV

Buyers and sellers are constantly telling me about how they watch the real estate shows on HGTV. House Hunters and Design on a Dime are a couple that come to mind. For a while, shows like Flip This House were all the rage.
Every now and then I’ll step into a house and will immediately announce that, “This seller watches HGTV.” Hand painted faux finish walls are a great hint of this. Some of the results are great and some scream for a professionals touch.
Although I catch most of the HGTV programs, Bravo has the show that I enjoy most. “Million Dollar Listing” is the real estate show that I actually prefer. Maybe it’s because I’m a Realtor, and get a kick out of the different situations.
These guys are entertaining to watch and the producers actually capture some of the trials and tribulations that a Realtor endures. Of course, the dollar amounts are elevated and the drama can certainly be a little over the top. Obviously this is one of the reasons it’s fun to watch.
The way the show reflects the pressure of the industry isn’t too off base and the level of competition it projects makes it even better. Good for Bravo. Like all good TV shows, I wish Bravo would produce more episodes throughout the year.

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