About 30 Good Shots In The Arm.

Botox-shots-550x309Remember the now decades old, “Never Let Them See You Sweat,” marketing campaign? The slogan became so popular that it became a mental mantra regarding doing business in today’s society.

The obvious messages were, “If you’re sweating, you’re nervous.” “If you’re sweating, you may be weak.” “If you’re sweating, you can’t look sharp.”

Well, guess what? I sweat and deal with it the best I can. Over the years, if someone has noticed my less than dry dress shirt, honestly, I’ve just hoped they chalk it up as, “Well, it’s Columbia, SC… and he’s a hard worker.” What else am I going to do, as I have a super annoying thing called hyperhidrosis.

What does that mean? I sweat my ars off. It could be 25 degrees outside and my armpits are going off like a RainBird drip system. Some of my friends kick it off as, “Oh, that means your body is working right.” MmmHmmm. Over the years I’ve been through four dry cleaners, scores of shirts, and too many suits. Undershirts just make it worse, and more uncomfortable.

I’m actually kinda lucky in that my situation is limited to my armpits (Sorry if that’s too graphic, given our digital relationship…but I’m comfy enough to go with it). After all, some folk’ s palms and feet are part of their condition.

Even my closest friends or fellow Realtors have never seen me in a blue dress shirt, ever, or a golf shirt that’s not black, white, or dark blue…depending on the situation. In 20 years of attending USC games, I’m not sure I’ve ever worn garnet. Not once.

I’ve taken two prescriptions for years now. One is a pill, and one is a liquid application. For years I’ve been a little timid about going to the next levels; 1) Clipping my glands (Probably not happening). 2) Botox.

About a week ago I took the plunge and finally made an appointment for Botox injections. Over the years I’ve asked about insurance coverage for injections and everyone has pretty much laughed in my face. Well, I’m 42 years old now, and am at a point. I made an appointment and showed up despite insurance declinations and just paid out of pocket. Half naked, and 15 injections in each arm later, I’m a completely different person. Not kidding – no exaggeration.

Who cares, and why am I typing about sweating on a real estate blog?? Well, I may be able to help someone, of course. After all, some folks may not know anything about hyperhidrosis and/or if they have it, or their options. That all said, at present, Botox is my new and proven answer. So far it has changed my world.

Thank you!


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