BOOM!! Look What You Just Found…

Extremely Rare Waterfront… For Sale @ Forest Acres
When most folks think of lakes and ponds in downtown Columbia, usually Lake Katherine and Forest Lake come to mind. There are a few other smaller ponds, like Cary Lake, which are visible from N. Trenholm Rd. Then there are the “secret ponds.” Not secret as in, “Shhhh!!,” but rather just not well known. For instance, not many people know there’s a pond in Heathwood, between Devine St. and Kipling. Most don’t know about the fishin’ hole in the pic above, either.

We put this home on the market a few days ago. You really need to see the pics on this one, as you won’t believe all you can get in the $300,000’s. Seriously, here’s a short list. You’ll notice a few items that differentiate it from almost everything out there that’s not $500,000+:  polished kitchen with granite slab and stainless package (including ice maker and compactor), three large living areas, a huge owner’s suite complete with luxury bath and walk-in closet, 4th bedroom suite on opposite side of the home (ideal for in-laws or guests), wide circular drive, a huge party deck, saline pool, an outdoor shower, solid fencing and safety gates, and a large/fully fenced plush backyard. Further still, neighbors include soaring ducks, waddling geese, bass, bream, a bunch of finchy/roadrunner looking birds, and a blue heron (yes… the Litchfield/Pawleys type). I’m tellin’ ya!

Here’s the kicker: Satchel Ford/Crayton/Flora. BOOM.

Let me paint a picture: you wake up around 6:30ish, or whenever. Looking out the master window, you check to see where the ducks are. Who cares… but it’s still so cool. After about 5 minutes of Morning Joe and Mika, you take your Starbucks and step in the pool to play with your kid, or ponder whatever it is you ponder. When it’s time to get going, you casually step under the outdoor shower… soap, razor, and all. Humor me, and think about that for a few seconds. You just had the morning no one else can have.
Later that afternoon, you plop back in the pool, or load the canoe with the kid and pooch. Paddling around the pond while the grill is set on “Low,” you might even get a line wet and catch a few fish… cocktail in tow. Know anyone else that can do this every day, 5 minutes from everything? Just sayin…
Take a look at the pics and let me know what you think. If you or anyone you know would like to visit this awesome home, please call or email or .   Like many of our listings, it’s a pleasure to show. Who knows, maybe we can go fishin’ while we’re there. Why not?

Thank you!

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