BOOM, Good Times! Thank You, Everyone!

ZasFAFAZas1Regular readers of this blog may be wondering, “Ok, dude is either really busy at home or he is being really slack.” Truth is I needed to let the last post sit for a while.

When we were meeting about the Holiday Market Preview Party’s “after-party,” I told the crew that I would blog about it. The challenge was timing. The day I chose to post and put it on Facebook, meant that I had to let it sit for a while. If I ‘blogged’ again, it would have pushed the post off of the top and I didn’t want that. After all, we put our name on something so maximizing that effort meant the post had to sit on top of the blog for a while. Who knows if any of this would have made a difference, but this was the theory I went with.

Did it work? Who knows, but given the scene at Za’s the other night, something did! Wowee, what. a. fun. time!!! Word from Za’s staff today is folks were there till 3:00AM. I love it! (I just looked at the clock on my laptop and it’s 3:20 AM – Hmmmm….)

The Preview Party was super fun, as the Junior League of Columbia only knows first class. When Diane’s on Devine shut her doors, an immediate void was created regarding the party after the party. I think we got it back. 🙂

Big Thank You to Za’s for asking F|A to be a part of this, and shout out to the Ross Holmes Band for flexing to the new venue and making it fun for our friends.

Here’s a image reel of the night. I hope everyone is cool with this, as I’m just putting it out there without cherry picking perfect pics.

See you next year and thank you!!!

Your Realtors,

Franklin, Amanda, Elizabeth, & King.


  1. I couldn’t resist commenting. Very well written!

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