BOOM! Contracts X’s 3 In King’s Grant.

As of tonight, with a deep breath but a big smile, we simultaneously have 3 homes Under Contract in King’s Grant. Hoping I’m not typing at the risk of jinxing the transactions, I can’t hold back this “first” in my career.

While we seem to have created quite the niche in King’s Grant, I can’t remember a time when we’ve had this much going on in this neighborhood. 27 Davant, 24 W. Tombee, and 19 Oakman Ct. are for sale at very different price levels, respectively. That said, they’re all great properties with their own special features.

Since we represent one seller and three buyers of this particular list, there will be at least two properties coming to market in the next few days. As a heads up, one will be in Hampton’s Ridge, and one is located on King’s Grant Drive. Stay tuned for details!

At present, King’s Grant has less than 10 active listings for sale. While many buyers think the neighborhood is for buyers in the $600,000+ range, this is not the case. There’s actually a pretty wide spectrum to choose from. In short, there’s a wide range of product, and we’re proud to find the right fit for all who’s ready.

>If you’re interested in King’s Grant, please call or email or . We’d love to try and find the right fit for you or your referrals. As you can summize, we have the jump on what’s happening in this primo popular neighborhood.

Thank you! FJ

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