I wasn’t really prepared to blog about this yet, but I told a work story to my wife tonight that she decided to take to Facebook without me knowing.

For those of you who didn’t see her post, she inquired, “Book Tours Here” or “Tours Booked Here.”

Here’s the context:

A few weeks ago Amanda Q. Payne, Vanessa Mason, Andrew Lemmon and I flew into Vegas on the same plane to attend Keller Williams Realty’s National Convention (Family Reunion). Naturally, we shared a cab or Uber….whatever.

On the way to our hotel from the airport, I noticed a three or four story building. It was all brick with no frills. The top left corner of the structure read, “BOOK TOURS HERE.” Big white letters with simple text and font.

Expecting to see the grand billboards, casinos, and lights of the Las Vegas strip, I lean forward a little bit staring at this building’s signage and yell, “Book Tours???! Who the ^%$# wants to go on a book tour in Vegas!!!?”

As a means to ponder a moment there was at least one second of awkward silence in the car. Then, “UuuuMmmmmmmmmm…..” The driver’s head tilted a little bit while Amanda starts laughing her damn ass off, which of course opened everyone else to do the same.

At this point I’m a sitting duck about to get shot up.

I think Vanessa gave me the benefit of the doubt saying, “Y’all….He is being funny. He knows. He knows.”

Amanda yells almost crying, “Oh My GAAaaaah, no he doesn’t!!!! He meant that *%$!!!!!”

Done, but I owned it.

I read thinking, “a tour of books”, and belted out about it. Everyone else apparently thought, “book your tours.”

I got it, and I understood the embarrassment and I laughed my face out, too. I had a quick out opp (because I ‘got it’ quickly enough), but I owned my initial interpretation, at great laughter. :/

So, that’s the rub with Jennifer’s Facebook post. That said, I still say the sign can be interpreted either way. Distilling it down, is there an actual opportunity to attend, “Book Tours Here (at this location),” or are we supposed to “Book (Vegas) Tours Here?”

Either way, it was one of those rare simultaneous stupid/academic instances that was turned into another fun experience and a very good F|A story.

Thank you, Jennifer, for forcing this post haha..

Franklin Jones

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