Bringing Some Team Fun To Tailgating!

TentAs many of you know, a large part of what makes Amanda and I work so well together is how much fun we have on the job. One glaring facet of this ‘fun’ is the sporadic PR/marketing projects that pop up. Enter the pic above.  🙂

A few weeks ago we decided to step our tailgating up a notch with a slick F|A tent. I told Amy what we were thinking and by 1:00 pm today, BOOM… an F|A tent was on the front steps of Coldwell Banker-Midtown.

Hopefully, we’ll get years of ‘coverage’ from our shiny new tent. Special thanks to team techie, Amy Ackerman Cartin, for the quick and clean design work and Spectra Marketing for delivering the goods a few hours before game time.

What’s even better than a fun F|A tent delivered on time is that the Gamecocks got the “W.”

Oh yes… please notice the JLC Tervis and plastic fashion bracelets. Throughout the afternoon, the bracelets were subject of much conversation, as in, “Dude, where all did you go last night?” As most of you know, however, those are my NICU access bracelets which I wore with great pride. 🙂

See you @ the tent!



  1. Love the JLC tumbler!!!

  2. Spectra is always happy to help! Great picture!

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