Black, White and Red All Over…

What is Black, White and Red All Over? This Week, South Carolina…

Now that the Republicans have had their day in South Carolina’s sun (uh, rain), it’s time for the Democrats to roll into town. The main difference between the two primaries (other than the voters they will be catering to) is that, unlike the GOP’s race, this one features three (errr…2.5) candidates.

There are 3 distinct differences between the candidates; 1) Barack Obama is a male, person of color. 2) Hillary is a white woman and the wife of a former President. 3) John Edwards was born in an upstate mill, and he is P-I-S-S-E-D about it!

Look for this race to get very nasty. Since many feel Obama must win here, Hill-Bill will be putting on a full court press. Throw in that Edwards was born in Seneca, and won S.C. in the last go-round, makes for a hum-doozy of a week to come.


  1. How about that D-bate? Good stuff – I wish they were all that exciting.

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