Birthday Weekend Fun And Relaxing

While many of our friends are at the beach, a sparse few of us found ourselves hangin’ around Columbia for the holiday weekend. We’ll be at the beach soon enough and with friends, Columbia is a fine place to celebrate.

Saturday night was a blast as a few of our friends met us in 5 Points for a great birthday dinner. We were having such a good time and laughing so hard, we decided to make it a late night and cruised to NightCaps. Turning 37 years old feels a little odd, but I can’t think of a better way to have a birthday than being surrounded by friends.

On Sunday Jenn, Finley, and I watched the Wimbledon finals and then relaxed until the late afternoon BBQ began at the Hairstons on Blossom St. Five or six couples got together for some unreal ribs and fixins to celebrate The 4th of July. Of course, everyone was overly stuffed.

Even though we have a few tasks to perform at the office, Monday should be a fun and relaxing extension of the weekend. We’ll see!!!

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