Big Splash @ Columbia’s Best Billboard

Open House Sun 2-4 @ “Greenbriar” House Above!
This morning, while sipping your Venti at your favorite downtown Columbia traffic light, you may have noticed the image above flip by your windshield.   I sure hope so!

A few years ago, I thought it might be a good move to advertise on the billboard at the corner of Gervais and Harden.  As you might expect, I had a great time with it, and it made a big splash. 

Since that time, this billboard has more than doubled in price, as it’s pretty much the crown jewel of the digital boards in downtown Columbia, SC.   If you think about it, you can understand why.  After all, every car must stop at that particular red light, at least once.  I mean, we’re all forced to sit through at least one rotation of the billboard.  That said, the price point of this board is now a rung or two over my comfort level. 

Here’s why I took the spot:  Since we put together Amanda’s “Congratulations!” board on Garner’s Ferry, the good (and super nice) Lamar Advertising sales rep knew I’d be a good candidate should an opportunity arise.   Sure enough, the board is experiencing a short contractual gap, and I pounced on it.

Since the board is digital, we can place a few different images to flip through the six second, six image rotation.  I kinda love it, as it’s a perfect medium to display some of our downtown Columbia listings, and a fun way to showcase our brand of real estate.

The idea is for the ad to act as sort of a surprise, as ZERO of our sellers know their homes are on the most popular billboard in Columbia.  Amy did the art, and we pulled the trigger without sharing the ad with anyone.   I hope they all like it.

On Sunday, I’m holding an Open House at the “right hand read” house of the pic above.  Hillside Lane, in Greenbriar, is a sharp, polished home in one of Columbia’s most esteemed neighborhoods.   Come see me from 2 – 4 on Sunday, and I’ll show you a sharp, move in ready home in a great school zone.   Come on over!  🙂

If you or anyone you know would like to see any of our listings or take part in some of our fun marketing/advertising campaigns, call or email or .

Most of my friends, clients, and readers of this blog know I enjoy the marketing and advertising facet of this job.  Populating the most viewed digital billboard in the Midlands with some of our listings will hopefully produce some big time results!

PS:  Don’t forget to come visit 5158 Hillside Lane on Sunday!

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