Big Picture, Turning 40 Isn’t About Me…

FinleyStateHouse2Well, as of around two hours ago… I’m 40.  While I’d love to write about one of our new listings or a closing taking place tomorrow, I figure I’ll only get one chance to type about what seemingly everyone thinks of as a milestone birthday (up there with a girl’s 16th, a drinker’s 21st, or retiree’s 62nd/65th).

Here’s the thing.  I’m all good turning 40.  Have I made mistakes?  Of course!  Do I have many regrets?  Other than not marrying my wives sooner and not having kids earlier, I can’t think of anything major. I could lose about 20 lbs I guess!

Thinking back, my siblings and I grew up pretty low on the economic yard stick.  For some reason, however, I’m one of those guys who thought I’d be a millionaire by the time I was 25/30ish.  I mean, why wouldn’t I?  I was a B/C+ student at T.L. Hanna in Anderson, and a B/C+ student at USC.  I mean after all, I bought a few editions of Inc. Magazine and The Robb Report and read some of Trumps, “The Art of The Deal.”  Wasn’t that enough???  So stupid.  Instead, life punched me in the nose and instead of being a millionaire at 30ish, I had less than $75.00 in the bank and Jennifer (then girlfriend) loaned me money to pay the SCEG bill on Atascadero.

Fast forward to today.  Now that I’m 40 and looking around, am I a Fortune 100 CEO, a Nobel Prize winner for physics, or a NATO diplomat?  HA!!!!!!!!  No!!!  That said,  I love what I do everyday and who I’m surrounded by.  I have the best friends, teammates, and co-workers in the world.  I’m so into this career that I fight sleep, and rush to work every day.  Career wise, I know we have a good thing going and am just plain happy.

Here’s the biggest picture reason I’m ‘all good’ with turning 40.  I’ve found something I’m good at.  You’re probably saying, “We know, we know…your team sells real estate.  We get it. Yay for you.”  Nope, that’s not it.  Answer; I’m good at being a dad.  I’m good at this, and can’t get enough of it.  I know this by the way my girl and I communicate and because I see my wife smiling in the background when Finley and I are together.  It’s over the top. Am I a ‘super dad?’ Prolly not, but I know my wife and daughter are happy, and that’s a thing.

Disclaimer; I hear all things will change when Finley turns 13, but by then I’ll be almost 50 and this blog will have gone the way of the dodo bird.  haha.

So, as I bust on over to the other side of life you won’t see me quitting my job or looking for a red convertible.  While I may not be the president or a gabillionaire, I’m a peace of mind(aire), and that’s the best place for me.


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