Fun Night In Charlotte W/ Industry Pros

CharlotteBobcatsTuesday night I was in very unfamiliar territory – Charlotte, NC. If you know me, I rarely leave the confines of downtown Columbia, SC, especially on a ‘school night.’ As a matter of fact, many friends are convinced I rarely travel beyond the zip borders of 29204, 29205, 29206, and 29209. They may be a little bit right.

Last week my top producing closing attorney, David Ross, invited me to tonight’s Charlotte Bobcats basketball game. Seeing as how I haven’t been to an NBA game since I was a boy in Houston, TX, I said, “Lets go!” Moreover, considering who invited me, I was all in.

David Ross, aka “D. Ross,” and his staff at MG&C Law make the legal/closing facet of our real estate practice incredibly smooth. The real estate department at MG&C Law is sharp, polite, responsive, professional, and a pleasure to deal with.

Located in the Meridian building, MG&C’s facilities are the best in the business and perfectly located to fit our needs. For instance, most folks don’t think about this, but every buyer has to present a HUD1 statement (closing statement) in order to transfer ‘the water’ into their name. Well, the City of Columbia’s water department is directly across Main St. Perfect.

As David and I were texting about other folks that might enjoy the trip (Amanda and Amy already had plans), he thought it would be fun to include Heyward Cathcart and Mark Tibshrany. Good choice.

Over the years I’ve figured out sort of a ‘Dream Team’ of closers, lenders, etc. As lenders are concerned, Heyward and Mark are absolutely part of the team. In the last 7ish years my buyer clients have closed a ton of deals with Heyward and Mark. This team was with Bank of America for a good while, but now churn it out at Guild Mortgage. Like David and his staff, they’re professional and make the lending process very smooth, which is no small thing given today’s lending environment. Even better, these guys hit their closing dates, which is a HUGE victory for REALTORS these days. Amanda and I are fortunate to work with some primo mortgage originators and Heyward and Mark are obviously part of the ‘starting five.’

After a lot of texts we all decided to meet at Guild’s office around 3:30. By 4:00 we were on the road to Charlotte. I won’t bore you with how cool the restaurant was and all that, but will give a glimpse of the game itself. Kevin Garnett is a crazy piece of human specimen’ness. While he didn’t play great and the Celtics got killed, I have to admit it was hard to focus off of this dude.

Any time I’m in Charlotte someone always chimes the quote, “Wonder why don’t we come here more often?” Usually everyone just looks at each other. I think the answer is two fold: 1) It’s not in South Carolina (mental thing). 2) Even though it’s further from Columbia, Charleston just seems more natural. Who knows!? That all said, we had a great time and I hope to go back soon.

Thank you for a great night out, David Ross @ McAngus, Goudelock, & Courie, LLC!


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