Big Fun @ Lake Murray Today!



Sunday morning the Georges, Denemarks, and three Joneses headed out to Lake Murray for a great day with friends and a Birthday Girl!

We all left Downtown Columbia around 9:30ish to meet up below Liberty On The Lake to board our pontoon rental for the day. We had done this a year before and had such a big time that we were chomping to get back.

I have to admit, this is a super easy way to have a great day on the lake; Load your crap, put it on a pontoon, sign a waiver, cruise around the lake with a slide and a tube, gas it back up, park it, leave it, and roll back Downtown. Perfect!

Truth told, the staff at the boat rental company make it super easy.

Next year our twins may be old enough to enjoy the fun. This year, perhaps for the last time, Finley got to enjoy her birthday solo (Ivey/Nora = 8/20, Finley = 8/21).

The pics above are a few shots of the action of the day. The picture of Finley in the car is a snapshot of ridiculousness. Her life at this moment consisted of her talking on into her birthday present, a “Gizmo” phone (with Nana Fran), as she effortlessly consumes ice cream from her conveniently placed cup-holder. #BirthdayGirl

We all had a big time and are ready for next year! Shout out to Stephen Denemark for Captianing us around the lake.

Thank you!



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