Thank You For Our Big Day, Columbia, SC!!

TeamFAwards2012Wednesday morning Coldwell Banker United, REALTORS®, held its annual Awards Banquet. Thanks to friends, clients, referrals, hard work, and team work, Amanda and I took home the top prize.

It’s always sobering to see hundreds of fellow REALTORS® in the same room. For seven years now, I’ve been extremely proud to work under the Coldwell Banker brand. That said, when all the CB offices of the Midlands (including Aiken) get together, it’s an eye opening event.

Humbly typing, this is the third year in a row I’ve been the last person called to the stage. This year, however, was a little different. Today, I proudly shared the stage with my teammate, Amanda Payne.

Honestly, I should’ve shared the stage last year, too, but the folks at Coldwell Banker headquarters in NY/NJ hadn’t properly registered Amanda and I as a team. If you remember, this is why I bought Amanda’s “Thank You!” billboard at the corner of Garner’s Ferry and Rosewood. I felt terrible at the time, but think the billboard made up for it. This year we got it right.

Perhaps the coolest thing about this year’s production is that we’re in the Top 10 of the entire Region, and top 50 in North America. I didn’t know this until recently, but the “Region” includes huge states like Virginia, Florida, and even Texas. Think of those mega-markets: Miami, Orlando, Houston, Austin, Charlotte, Dallas, Atlanta, etc, etc. If you’re curious, “The Jills” of Miami are the #1 Coldwell Banker Team in the world. To give you an illustration, their flagship listing is Versace’s mansion. They slay it!

The best part about this job is how much fun we have day in and day out. While every day is full of high energy, hustle, and stress, Amanda and I (along with team manager Amy Ackerman Cartin), make it work and have complete trust in each other. I think we’re even holding each other’s prize. Haha. In short, we have a good thing going.

Once again I need to thank our friends, clients, referrals, and anyone/everyone who was involved in our banner year. I also need to thank Amanda for joining me two years ago. She took a tough leap of faith, and here we are.

Now it’s time to get busy and see if we can nudge up on “The Jills” type of numbers. Ha!

Thank you!


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