Big Action In King’s Grant Right Now…

Just Ordered 4 New “SOLD” Signs
As we’re well into 2012, Amanda and I are posting some pretty good numbers, and have a fine market presence in a lot of downtown Columbia neighborhoods. To name a few, Shandon, Rosewood, Forest Acres, and Druid Hills are FULL of “TeamF” signs, and we’re proudly adding the coveted red letter “Sale Pending” and “SOLD” riders at a rapid clip. (I’ll post the latest sales stats in a later post).
As sales are ramping up all over town, I can’t help but type about what’s going on in King’s Grant.   As of Sunday afternoon, we’ll have four “Pending Contracts” in this popular gated neighborhood. 24 W. Tombee, 35 W. Tombee, 18 Foot Point, and 30 Davant Place are currently looking forward to smooth closings. Not bad…
I’ll need to check the details on this, but in 2011, I think we closed 10 real estate “sides” in King’s Grant. To my knowledge, the next closest producers (there were two) boasted two sales each, respectfully. (REPEAT: 10 v 2). Fast forward to today, and you might understand why I’m so happy about the number of current contracts. 
In all, there are 18 KG homes presently for sale, eight of which are Pending Contract.
As you can tell, if there’s anything going on in “KG,” we pretty much know about it (secret houses, wink/wink). That said, if you or anyone you know might be interested in King’s Grant, be sure to call or email or KG is only a few minutes from downtown Columbia, and a pleasure to show.
P.S.  My Blogger account completely changed its “posting” format tonight, and I’m trying to figure this all out. Please excuse any irregular “looks” or oddities!  

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