Big 2010 Produces A Career Milestone

Big Day For Amanda, Amy & me.
Humbled… Beyond All Recognition. THANK YOU!
It took about six years, but this afternoon the sales stats in my professional world bounced to a new level. A few weeks ago, I was humbled to post our 2010 position regarding MLS rankings for the Midlands. At lunch today, the numbers were confirmed as we took home the big trophy for the company (actually it was a silver platter thingy).

A few years ago, I was driven to be in the “rear view mirrors” of the top producers in our office. This was sort of an internal personal mantra/goal. After all, any Columbia Realtor would be ecstatic to be mentioned in the same sentence with names like George Walker, Earl Pierce, Danny & Karen Hood, Michele Moore and Bill Graham. Further, legendary hard worker Susie Carlson, and the “Undisputed ‘Michael Jordan’ of Columbia real estate,” Whit Moore, seemed out of reach. In short, I work with the best and flattered for these top producers to have me as part of their company.

Now, for a notion that a reader may actually care about. 🙂 Today was awesome and all of that, but it’s really just a fun symbol of how hard Amanda, Amy and I go at this. Thank you for being loyal, and giving us the opportunity to represent you and your friends. As in any sales careers, these two facets are a very big deal.

Dialing it down a notch, I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t report that we have a lot of listings out there that haven’t sold yet. For serious, I don’t want to paint TOOOO rosy of a picture, given today’s real estate world.

This all said, if you’re looking for a Realtor in Columbia, SC, give us a call or reach out to us via email. We’re in the top mix, at the #1 office (CBUR-Midtown), with the #1 brand (Coldwell Banker). Actually, per (an intra-office website) we claimed the top spot in two categories for the whole state of South Carolina. In other words, we very much would like to be your Realtor(s), and hope we present a track record to give you the confidence to hire us.

Thank you for your business and referrals!!! Keep them coming, and we will try our best to make you and your friends proud!


  1. Anonymous says

    CONGRATS to you guys again! Awesome job! We are so proud of you!
    Melanie and Alex

  2. Anonymous says

    congrats, that is AWESOME!

  3. That is wonderful news Franklin!! Congrat to all of you- Shannon B.

  4. L. Martin says

    Congratulations Franklin, Amy and Amanda! You all have work so hard to be the very best and I must say you achieved this status before this award was given to you. I am proud to work with you. I wish you all continued success!

  5. Anonymous says

    Congratulations Amanda, Amy and Franklin! I knew you were the best! Now, sell my house please!!

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