New Wine/Liquor Superstore On The Way.

BottlesAs I was visiting one of my regular retail outlets the other day I found out some scoop. I can’t confirm it with research, but apparently a huge beverage store is coming to town.

“Bottles” will be located somewhere in the vicinity of the old K-Mart at Devine/Garner’s Ferry/Rosewood/Fort Jackson Blvd that’s going to be Marshalls, Michaels, and Pet Smart, among others. Remember this post?

This beer/wine/liquor/tobacco store currently has a 15,000 square foot location in Mt. Pleasant. I can’t confirm how big the store will be, but word is it will be the same model as Mt. Pleasant. That means a lot of volume and buying power, which trends to low prices.

Remember when Total Wine came to Columbia, SC, and the bulk retailer and Green’s Beverages got into a price war? We’ll see how it shakes out, but drawing from the Kilbourne side of Shandon, Beltline/Kilbourne side of Heathwood, Lake Katherine, and on the way home route to King’s Grant and The Hamptons, I’m sure Bottles will do a blue whale amount of business.

I’m not sure if Fort Jackson’s Commissary sells wine and liquor or not. If no, there’s that.

After some dust settles I would think some smaller spirit retailers will take a big hit, but volume buyers like Green’s and Morganelli’s Party Store will roll right along with their core customer bases.

I’ll throw a few questions to folks who should know what’s going on and post what I find out, but at the moment word on the street is a new 15,000 square foot beverage superstore called Bottles is on the way.


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