Beach Weekend in Feburary

Thanks to the Blacks We’re Hangin’ at the Beach
At the last moments of last week we decided to pack up the cars and head to the beach. One of the greatest things about living in Columbia, is that you can hop in the car and be at a beach in less than two hours.

This particular trip was a little long. My careful wife was spooked by the incredible amount of deer on the road. I don’t blame her. We probably saw more deer on this trip than I’ve seen in the last 10 trips. Keep in mind that we almost always come through Manning, Greeleyville and Andrews to get here, so our deer sightings may be escalated compared to most beach travelers.

Either way, I’m glad we’re here. Yesterday we played two hours of windy tennis and later ate in Murrell’s Inlet. It rained all day today so we all just sat around with our laptops in our laps.

Tomorrow we start the day at one of our favorite golf courses, Caledonia. We love playing here as it’s a seriously manicured course with some awesome marsh views. I hope it’s not too cold as I will be sporting shorts and a stocking cap. 🙂

Given today’s economy we’re fortunate to be at the beach at all. Mr. and Mrs. Black are kind to offer their Surfside condo for the weekend.


  1. We’re glad you’re doing well, Franklin.

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