Be Sure & Vote Today! It’s Election Time!!!

PamelaAdamsProfileA few days ago I wrote this diddy about Pamela Adams and her candidacy for Richland One School Board. Obviously, I could write until my fingers turn purple about Pamela and why she’s the right choice for the position. I know better, however, and here’s the real rub when it comes to the night before local elections; It’s all about how many folks will turn out for their candidate. That’s it.

Pamela has a positive, big picture, can do attitude about our community and public schools.  She has a knack/skill for getting things done, and possesses tact and a tone that makes folks around her want to do better. I’m asking you to vote for her.

Regarding how important ‘turnout’ is, this isn’t a, “Hey, what are the polls saying?” type race.  Local elections like this are about you and me not needing national hype to do the actual deed of voting. No professional polls, no electoral college. Actually, the winning candidate is likely the one who can literally get their friends/supporters away from their computers for a few moments and take the time to vote for them.

Thank you for letting me post about a person I believe in. If you’d like to discuss the race or Pamela’s candidacy, feel free to call 447-8683 or email . Unlike some recent elections, the actual act of voting will probably take less than one minute. You’ll be glad you did.

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

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