Hey, Be Like Rafael Nadal.

Some friends may think I’m a bandwagoner for this post and I’m OK with that.

That out of the way, Rafael Nadal is a damn athletics and sports hero.

There, I typed it…

I love Roger Federer. He wears a collar the way I want to and has the backhand I’d love to have. I yell at any television screen in my face for a person I’ve never met and have no opportunity to gain from other than perhaps, inspiration.

Roger is peRFect, and we all want to be “betterrer.” That all said, and as wonderful he is, we cannot be Roger Federrer.

Enter Rafa. Enter a sleeveless T-shirt, clamdigger pant kit, and a dude that picked his underwear out of his butt on worldwide television on almost every point he’s ever played.

I was pissed at Rafa for a decade. After all, he pushed Roger and threatened my dude’s greatness.

Fast forward to today’s realization: While we all want to play like Roger, Rafa is the real inspiration for most of the tennis players on the planet. In short, truth told, although more laborious looking, we relate more to Rafa.

I’ve been a Federer fan for years and want him to be the best of the best. That said, Rafa Nadal has won my respect, and tonight my roars towards the television belong to him.

Congratulations to Rafa Nadal. The U.S. Open Finals was awesome to watch and you are the inspiration to so many recreational tennis players around the world.

Thank you for the effort, Rafa Nadal!

Franklin Jones


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