Speed Kills. Be Fast, My Friends.

Let me explain what you’re looking at in the image above.

The Neighborhood Company put a new listing on the market and received an offer within a few hours. The seller made a counter-offer. The buyer countered, fast, and the seller accepted so we started the paperwork process of ratifying the contract.

What you’re looking at in the bottom half of the image above is me opening a second offer on my email. Almost simultaneously, I received a text message notification that our seller had accepted and signed the first offer/contract.

I saw the notification and snapped the screenshot immediately so I could show the sequence of events.

You can see what’s happening by the text in the yellow circles as I was reading the new document in my inbox.

This all said, I’m not selling you, I’m telling you, that if you want something, you need to go get it. The image above is a real-life sequence of events snapshot of someone getting the house and someone not getting the house, by a matter of seconds.

I’ve often told my team and clients, “Y’all, speed wins/kills in real estate…”

Thank you!

Franklin Jones

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