1. Southern Hospitality – Our region is known for our friendly faces and hospitable and accommodating attitudes.
2. First Class Visitors Bureau Sales Staff – Eager to assist you in planning your next event.
3. Time-Efficiency – We can gather competitive hotel room rates for you, at no charge, through our RFP process.
4. Accessibility – Whether traveling by air or vehicle, you’ll love Columbia’s easy access. Only 10 cities in America have three major Interstates transecting their metropolitan areas and Columbia is one of them. Columbia is served by I-20, I-26 and I-77, and is within 90 miles of I-85 and I-95, making travel to our city simple from every direction.
5. Meeting Space – Conventional or unconventional, we are eager to help you find the facility that best fits your meeting needs
6. Attractions – for attendees to enjoy during breaks. Fascinating historical and cultural attractions, a world-class zoo, outdoor recreation, festivals, parks and sporting events.
7. Dining & Nightlife – Attendees can dine capital city style, or explore our specialty districts for a one-of-a-kind experience
8. Convention Services – Brochures/materials, publicity, information center, & special assistance when you book your event through the Visitors Bureau.
9. Shops to Suit Every Taste – Area shopping includes Indoor & outdoor malls, several shopping districts that invite leisurely strolling among the many charming stores, galleries and restaurants.
10. Accommodations– full service, select service or limited service accommodations. We have major chains and boutique properties sure to fit with any group’s preference.
11. Rapid Growth. The cityscape of Columbia is ever changing. New developments such as hotels, restaurants, and clubs make the Metropolitan area a new place to discover.
12. Unique Meeting Facilities. Planning a meeting? Why not have it somewhere fun. Columbia offers meeting planners unique facilities such as the Riverbanks Zoo and Edventure Children’s Museum.
13. Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center. This dazzling 142,500 square-foot facility was designed with you in mind! From abundant pre-function space to beautifully equipped break out rooms; a 24,700 square-foot, column free exhibit hall to an exquisite 17,135 square-foot ballroom – your next meeting or event is sure to be an overwhelming success!
14. Parks, Gardens, and Outdoors. Columbia has a plethora of parks to enjoy. Our latest adventure is our Riverwalks offering a beautiful view of our downtown area while featuring an abundance of plant and animal life.
15. Columbia Conference Center features executive-style chairs and oversized conference tables for the ultimate in comfort.
16. First Class Catering. Columbia has an eclectic array of catering companies here to fulfill any type of menu. Centerplate, the Convention Center’s exclusive caterer, boasts exquisite taste and superior service with an affordable price.
17. Brookland Baptist and Conference Center offers the meeting planner over 11,000 square feet of meeting and exhibit space. It is also a convenient 2.5 miles from the Columbia Metropolitan Airport.
18. Saluda Shoals River Center. Saluda Shoals River Center is another unique facility housed in a park setting that offers peace and tranquility.
19. City Art Gallery exhibits a variety of artwork from the most talented and thought-provoking local and regional artists, and is available for your next event!
20. Extracurricular. There’s always something happening in the region “Where Friendliness Flows!”

Visit our online event calendar and you ‘ll find everything from a weekend festival to the State Fair to local concerts and performances.

Columbia’s Red Tape Wrap Up…

Downtown Columbia’s New Zoning Ordinance is Happening…

Marc Mylott, Columbia’s Zoning Administrator, sent this out a few days ago. Email me at , if you would like to see the document… FJ

Greetings Everyone . . . as requested by City Council, the proposed ordinance for interim measures will be on their agenda for this Wednesday, February 20th. We just finalized this very complex ordinance yesterday. Please note that, in the event City Council wishes to receive legal advice concerning the ordinance, it would be in executive session and the ordinance would be held over for consideration until their next meeting — Wednesday, March 5th.
For your information, I have attached a copy of the ordinance as it appears within City Council packets.

Best regards,

Marc S. Mylott,
AICP Director of Development Services / Zoning Administrator City of Columbia

Feb. 11 – Feb. 16, 2008

A Little Bit Awful…

I know the chances are slim, but if you ever run into this person… please briskly walk away.

I just watched one of the most unfomfortable 30 minutes of TV, that I can remember.

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$3 Million = Columbia’s Pocket Change

For the last few years, the general rule has been that if you owe about $100.00 in parking tickets, you get towed. If you are lucky, you can catch the “meter maid” before he/she calls the tow company…but you better have cash.

Columbia (WLTX) — When people buy lottery tickets, they want to collect millions and so does the city of Columbia. The difference is they’re banking on unpaid parking tickets.

City officials say there are $3 million dollars of unpaid tickets that haven’t been paid.

Mayor Bob Coble says there is a plan. He says reports indicating the city is considering issuing criminal warrants to people who haven’t paid are false. Coble said, “While you would have the right to do that, criminal warrants wouldn’t be justified for parking tickets.”

Instead, he says they’re sending letters asking you to pay up and if you’re a multiple offender, your car could get towed. They’re also considering a program that would withhold money from tax refunds.

Coble said, “As unpleasant as it can be for cities to collect debts, every debt that’s not collected means someone else has to pay it or there are less services.”

Now, the city’s hoping luck is in their favor and the orange and white ticket holders help them collect their overdue prize.If you want to find out if you have an overdue parking ticket in Columbia, call (803) 545-3362.

For a Good Laugh, Watch This…

HA! This is pretty funny. You will laugh, as you shake your head at this Hitler/Gamecock spoof…

You may have seen this 10 times. If you haven’t, click the link below…


Feb. 4, 2008 – Feb 8, 2008 New Listings…

Cherry Cola

State of the City; 5 challenges facing Columbia

Today, The State Newspaper wrote a story about 5 challenges that face our city. As their points may be valid, I would like to mention one more; Our *&^%^& RED LIGHT SYSTEM!!!.
Our red light system is so bad, that I’m surprised no one has accused the City of being in ka-hoots with local auto repair shops/gas stations. The amount of time that we stop and start everyday, must contribute to the overall cost of our vehicle repairs and gas costs. Maybe the billboard folks are the reason we have to stop AT EVERY BLOCK. Either way, it is awful.

About two years ago, I told some of my buddies that I was going to start entering downtown listings in the MLS as being in the “Cherry Cola” area. Of course, they wondered what I was talking about. I simply told them that with all of the glowing, unsyncronized blinking, hanging cherrys that populate our city, it would be a great fit.
A few solutions coming soon…