Columbia Honors Icon w/ Key to City…


Icons of X’ers; Michael Jackson, Cindy Lauper, Duke Boys, Luke Skywalker, Madonna, E.T. and Ric Flair…

On Monday, Mayor Bob Coble is going to give 16 Time World Heavyweight Champion, Ric Flair, a key to Columbia. Mayor Bob will also deem March 24 as “Ric Flair Day,” in the Capital City.

My buddies and I loved Saturday mornings growing up. Sure, The Smurfs were cool and Thundar: The Barbarian was a badass, but we were really up to watch the NWA. The National Wrestling Association had the best tv hour of them all. It’s biggest star, and most glamorous figure, was Ric Flair.

This guy couldn’t fly through the air or lift 300lb men, but his personality (and robes) made him the king of the wrestling movement. Ric Flair introduced us to limousines, Baby Doll’s and Space Mountain.

Tomorrow, The Natureboy will have a key to Columbia. Keep this in mind when you are cruising in Forest Acres or across the river, and for some reason can’t get in…

38 Davant Place Hits Market…

$595,000. Details to follow…

Vegas is One Cool Place…

Rookie Vegas Tourist is Impressed…

Best Breakfast; Rio. I think we actually had to show our I.D.’s to get in. The buffet is Ginormous. I got tired of walking…

Best Dinner; N9NE. We ordered every appetizer, and everyone got a steak. Unreal food and atmosphere at this restaurant at The Palms.

Prettiest People; Unstaged – Bellagio. Staged – The Palms. Staged or Unstaged, who cares! These two hotels had beautiful people EVERYWHERE.

Best Lunch; Paris. Having lunch on the patio overlooking on the strip, across from Bellagio’s fountains was pretty awesome.

Unluckiest BlackJack Table; Ceasar’s. Ooooooooooooof.

Best Luck BlackJack Tables; 1. The Palms 2. Rio If you go low, and slow…

Best Pool; Mandalay Bay. We didn’t even get through the gate to the pool, but I could tell that this was something special.

Worst Experience; Tie. 1) The plane ride. If you are over 200 pounds, a 5 hour flight is a little bit awful. 2) Internet Access at The Rio. I’ve stayed in EconoLodge’s in Athens, Ga. and TravelLodge’s in Knoxville…and they had internet. A Vegas veteran buddy of mine, told me that this is by design so that visitors won’t stay in the rooms. I guess it makes sense, but this was BAD for some of my Sellers. I wasn’t prepared at all, not to have web access.

Grand Prize Hotel/Casino’s; Tie 1. Bellagio, 1. The Venetian. These two hotels make you raise your eyebrows, while you shake your head. I want to say The Bellagio’s fountains put it over the top. On the other hand, The Venetian’s indoor river/outdoor illusion is so impressive. Although I didn’t go in all of the hotels, these two stand at the top…even over CEASAR’S and The Wynn.

P.S. Starbucks and PEPSI are everywhere. There is a Starbucks at every third corner, and Pepsi (someone had to point this out to me) owns the fountain drink business. If I were the the Coke sales rep, I would plead for a transfer, or hang it up…

March 9 – March 15, 2008

>>>Last Weeks New Listings

220 Hampton Trace Ln. Is For Sale

Creme Puff in Popular Hamptons, is Move In Ready…
This Hampton Trace home has just over 1,900 sq.ft., 3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths and great curb appeal.

Some of its features include shining hardwoods, eat-in kitchen w/ glass cabinet doors, nice screened porch and neutral colors w/ designer touches througout. The home also has a brand new master bath with granite double vanity and tile shower. Click HERE to view more pictures.

Call/Text (758.1669) or email ( if you would like to view this Hampton Trace Cream Puff. It is offered for $250,900.

King’s Grant Home On The Market; Airy Hall Ct.

What a Great Front Door!

This nice looking home is on Airy Hall Ct., which is the first street in the neighborhood (after entrance, take first right). I will post details as soon as I know them.

$489,000. 2,854 Sq/Ft. 3 or 4 bedroom w/ 3 baths, all on one level…

Could There Be a Tougher 5 Game Stretch? Jeesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does USC have the toughest schedule in the nation?

USC finally got rid of the annual back, to back, to back challenges known as “Orange Crush.” However, with Arkansas and LSU thrown in, I’m not sure it’s going to make much difference. As one of my buddies wrote today, “Last 5 Games…Maybe Garcia has an ‘S’ under his jersey.”

vs. North Carolina State
at Vanderbilt
vs. Georgia
vs. Wofford
vs. UAB
at Mississippi
at Kentucky
vs. LSU
vs. Tennessee
vs. Arkansas
at Florida
at Clemson

King’s Grant Pine Tree Alters Weekend…

My Saturday/Sunday went from lazy to hazy because a pine tree fell on this King’s Grant home.
When this house on Ravenwing became a victim of the huge winds on Saturday, I had the great task of babysitting this nice Schnauzer. A few buddies decided to help babysit, as we watched the Duke/UNC basketball game.

Since the wife was in her hometown for the weekend, a few of us decided to take a quick trip to the Publick House so we could have ourselves a wing night.
The dude sitting with the visiting dog, is researching an upcoming trip to Vegas. I can’t tell if he is mesmerized, or just confused…
That pine tree turned a lazy nap filled weekend, into a house full of unhealthy vittles and living room full of Star Wars bar scene lookin’ characters.
P.S. I have no idea why the dogs left ear is bent…

March 1 – 8, 2008

>>Columbia’s New Listings…

U.S. Mortgage Defaults Outpace Columbia, SC

Comparatively speaking, Columbia, SC homeowners are making their payments…

A South Carolina political blog ( wrote about foreclosure stats today. While the stats are true, I want to remind Columbia residents that most “doom and gloom” numbers are national in nature. The “home builder” that wrote the first comment (seen below) is dead on. The map above (please squint) reflects the relative health of South Carolina’s mortgage situation. FJ

FITSNews – March 6, 2008
– In the latest sign that our national economy pretty much blows at the moment, mortgage defaults reached an all-time high today. At least that’s according to the Mortgage Bankers Association of America, who may be a bunch of lying bastards for all we know. Assuming they’re not, though, here’s the bad news courtesy of the NYT:

The Mortgage Bankers Association reported Thursday that the number of loans past due or in foreclosure jumped to 7.9 percent, from 7.3 percent at the end of September and 6.1 percent in December 2006. Before the third quarter, the rate had never risen past 7 percent since the survey began in 1979.

1. home builder – March 6, 2008
While the rest of the country may be in the tank, South Carolina is in better shape, although perhaps not in great shape. Foreclosures are actually down in South Carolina. While the coastal market is not performing well, the midlands and upstate real estate markets are only down slightly from what were historic highs.