Are You Kidding???

Dolla’ Bills, Yall….
If this picture is really a Clemson football player/recruit, this guy makes Garcia look smart. Well, maybe not smart, but at least Garcia just took himself down and maybe a local buzz….but this guy may be ruining a program.

This is a Post from an SC political blog. No way this guy is this dumb, and can Bowden be this careless/wreckless? Really? FJ

FITSNews – March 28, 2008 – We honestly haven’t seen a wad of bills that thick since the last time we looked at the special interest stash of House Speaker Bobby Harrell, who defended Clemson University the other day for nearly tripling its tuition over the last seven years while keeping a $140 million slush fund hidden from the legislature.

We were wondering what Clemson was going to do with all that money, and according to the website Brahsome, we may now have an answer. Brahsome was just one of several websites (including FITSNews) to obtain a picture of new Clemson football recruit Kenneth Page holding a wad of “straight from the bank” twenty dollar bills.

Page, who chose Clemson over North Carolina last month, posted the image to his MySpace homepage earlier this week but apparently it ”came down about as quickly as it went up.” Which makes it not unlike Clemson’s credibility lately.

Look, people. Either this 17-year-old kid has been washing a lot of cars this month (like, several thousand of them) or Clemson just got busted paying one of its “student-athletes” under the table …


  1. Anonymous says

    “Mo’ money, mo’ problems”
    – The Notorious B.I.G. (RIP)

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  3. Anonymous says

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