AQP’s Baby Girl Julia Coming Friday

Wednesday afternoon was a whirlwind, but overall a happy day at our office. It’s the day Amanda rode off into the sunset to bring the newest member of our (familial) team into the world.
Everyone at the office is ecstatic to meet little Julia. Either Julia has allowed Amanda to have one of the smoothest pregnancies ever, or Amanda is just a big time trooper and has us all fooled. Either way, she has been able to work hard until the very last moment.
Amanda is leaving for a while at a particularly ‘hot moment’ for us. Contrary to market reports, our whiteboard is full of Pending Contracts. At present, ‘the board’ is showing 11 sides ready to close with 4 or 5 sides presently in negotiation. In short, that’s a lot of negotiation time and loads of inspections! Nonetheless, team manager Amy Cartin and I are going to make all this happen while Amanda is off being a great mom.
Amanda and I have been professional acquaintances since I entered the Realtor business five or six years ago. When she came over to Coldwell Banker, my professional and personal fondness for her was taken to another level. When it comes to real estate, Amanda is a no-holds-barred hunter, hustler, & producer. I’m impressed.
On a personal level, I’m proud to know her. Amanda and I eat more meals and spend more time together than we do with our spouses. Every day she makes the office more fun, and she’s actually become one of my best friends. In short, we’re moving a good amount of inventory and having a great time doing it.
Her sweet baby Julia enters the world sometime tomorrow (Friday). While it’s been a smooth but long nine months, I know Amanda (and Julia) are sooo ready for the next life step. I hope I’m close to the hospital when it all happens, as I want to be on call if she wants/needs a sandwich, good blanket, Gatorade, or bottle of white wine.
Congrats to the Payne family and their new addition. Amanda, her husband Paul, and I are anxious for the new addition and every happy moment/challenge Julia brings to the team. Who knows, we may move offices and scrap a few filing cabinets for a brand new ‘Pack n Play.’ Sounds good to me!!!

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