Another King’s Grant Home is For Sale

5 Trimblestone: At first stop sign, take right. Trimblstone is the 3rd or 4th cul-de-sac, on the right hand side…

This King’s Grant home is roughly 3,000 sq. ft. It is one level (except for the FROG), and is red brick.

It is offered for around $500,000. More details to follow…


  1. See here

  2. Anonymous says

    You sure have a lot of KG homes, you must live there…How do you like the neighborhood ???

  3. anonymous,

    I do have a lot of King’s Grant Posts. I have been wondering when someone was going to mention it.

    The reason is because “KG” is very hot. Many Realtors have KG buyers, as do I. I use this as a way to keep ahead of the game in the neighborhood. More often than not, my pics and posts announce new listings before MLS does. Because of all of my friends that live there, I am usually ahead of the game…

    No, I don’t live in King’s Grant. I live in Shandon. To answer your question though…Yes, I like it very much, as do most people that live there. Actually, they swear by it…..

    It wouldn’t surprise me if I lived there within a year or two…..

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